CSGO Best Moment i have ever seen with an AWP

isn’t footage of me its footage of my friend @ThePeetMoss, i was in game so i didnt know this happened till he told me but its pretty hilarious


  1. Jesus 10k already :O thank you so much guys

  2. Even after the kill he’s still just frustrated about it xD

  3. this is how easy it is to beat NA at cs go

  4. holy shit, 110k this is absolutely incredible guys, thank you so much,
    especially to Sparkles and ImmortalHD for taking time to watch it, you guys
    are amazing

  5. MrAdelaideRS - RS Videos

    this is fucking brilliant

  6. if this video makes it to 250k i will do a 10-15 case opening of your
    choice and give away the best thing i get, dm me what cases you want and
    ill do my best

  7. this is unbelievable

  8. lmfao this is gold

  9. that shit happens to me a lot too
    idk why it happens

  10. holy shit 20K thank you so much guys<3

  11. Hahaha oh man, this is crazy.

  12. nothings worse than fat heavy breathing

  13. That’s some fast thinking lmao!

    Honestly more impressive than any clutch I’ve seen lol

  14. 1:40 for a fucking start of the video.

  15. Thank you man:) its all thanks to ThePeetmoss though, im just a third party
    in this little vid:) thanks though:))

  16. Bohdan “oovlq” McClane

    Just think about if that be 1v1 clutch

  17. good fucking job rofl

  18. lolitsalex with another mcteams lets play here

  19. left handddddddddddddd

  20. pfhahahahahahahha funny shit man! lolol I hate that glitch!

  21. that, is pretty fucking awesome

  22. He could’ve just pressed F11 to leave the game.

  23. Typing of the Dead

  24. I think you were looking for sv_mouseenable

  25. maybe breath through your nose…

  26. This was quite impressive and I guess kind of lucky at the same time.

  27. lol it was lolitsalex

  28. Sverker Sverkersson

    Best no-scope ever!

  29. this is hilarious

  30. he’s so chill about it

  31. so fucking annoying but gold at the same time. i usually get the death cam
    box where it shows damage done and received all over my screen until i

  32. hahahahahahah

  33. Fredrick Fedoray™. 139 IQ.

    the guy was like 2 feet away from you.. 2 minutes of build up for that

  34. The timing!! Great vid :D

  35. Your viewmodel gives me aids.

  36. no clue how you play with the gun taking up half your fucking screen

  37. That was great lol

  38. haha that’s insane.

  39. How did you not crack your fucking pants up doing that? Sure, granted what
    happened was a rage situation, but what unfolded next would have made me
    crack the fuck up and I would have been boasting about what I just did. You
    were just like, “Meh”

  40. awping doesnt take skill

  41. heavy breathing… mouth sounds…

  42. i literally typed attack

  43. Капитан Очевидность

    I just shoked, how you react and wrote in console command

  44. 4:3 with flipped viewmodels..wow you must be amazing at the game

  45. HAUhauhAUhAUaHuHUahuAHA

  46. That guys says ‘I dunno’ a lot, I don’t think he knows.

  47. Type ESCAPE in console.

  48. Perfect how the 10seconds remaining tune sounds exactly when the T pops on
    his screen lmao. God what a perfect video.

  49. Fucking hackers using console commands

  50. is this the real lolitsalex?


  52. the worlds saddest meme

    black people think fast ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  53. Great Warlord Gandhi

    CS:GO- The text-based adventure.

  54. 0:50 48 + 32 thats uh 90

  55. Your microphone gave me cancer, then the play cured it. Nice.

  56. Nice cock.

  57. saw it coming but it was still nice.

  58. Marcus “SwisskeY” CS:GO

    Typein retry in console insteed of reconnect :D

  59. He sounds like he’s doing his taxes.

  60. You sound like you need to lose some weight big guy


  62. why is he spamming his console?

  63. 48+32 = 90

  64. I literally typed attack ROFL

  65. AHAHAHA, props to you for not panicking too much lol

  66. haha, the steven hawkings frag

  67. Augustas Vilcinskas

    If you want to fix this bug type escape in console.

  68. 48+32=90 Kappa

  69. Hi,pleas see my gaming channle)

  70. i have to say: literally lmao

    Other fella is stupid, tho. What rank?

  71. my blood pressure ….

  72. 3v3ryus3rnam3istak3n

    This is the best csgo clip I’ve ever seen.

  73. You can’t write this shit

  74. 48+32 = 90

  75. Terminal>GUI <3

  76. Well played mate!


  78. 0:17, how do you have your overlay look like that ?

  79. Hahahaggahaag

  80. FortmX Cs Go and More

    Nice man ;D

  81. Yesterday couldnt move the mouse, sensitivity was set to zero out of

  82. I litterlay typed attack blowing in his mic LAKSDIHVASIPDHBAPSIUDUIGBPA


  84. крута

  85. Fuck you Valve you fucking piece of shit.

  86. Starts at 1:35

  87. The resolution gave me aids but the video was sick aha.

  88. Hahahahhahahahahahahahahahaaha

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