Cruelty And Cowardice (The Jimquisition)

We have three big ol’ subjects for you today! After unlocking the secrets of Frog Purse, of course. After that, let’s talk about Google being horrible to its Stadia developers.

As well as that, we’ll talk about the responses to Nintendo Direct and Blizzconline. We wrap things up with the one you know is coming – the utter offensive nonsense spewing out of the dishonest mouths of Six Days in Fallujah’s developers.


  1. To save all the questions: I had to reupload because the audio balance was messed up. It is now fixed. Apologies for the inconvenience!

  2. You heard of “Fire Bobby Kotick”? Try “Stop Hiring Phil Harrison”. Everything he touches turns to shite. I don’t care if he helped make PlayStation huge in Europe.

  3. Are we on the verge of a rebranding? Because I’m down to see where you take this next

  4. lest by honest here, we all knew stadia was dead from the very bigining

  5. You’re correct, we couldn’t handle the frog purse

  6. I’m really disturbed by the idea of “introducing players to the complexity of urban warfare” as a statement, it just seems so cold, like urban warfare is a matter of simple problem solving. That kind of attitude tacitly affirms the idea that there is no moral or ethical debate at the core of combat, and reframes it like it’s just a maths problem or something.

  7. The only thing I’ve taken out of this video is that I’m getting a frog purse.

  8. DudelTheDegenerate Ch.

    Can we take a second to appreciate the work that Justin does.

  9. I don’t even play games, I’m here just for the frog purse.

  10. I was simultaneously worried that ‘frog purse’ was a euphemism, and disappointed when it wasn’t.

  11. Alchemilla Channelwood

    Regarding the layoffs- I found myself thinking “no, that’s totally normal, that’s how it happened when I was laid off in the mortgage industry, everybody found out via the press before we knew who was on the chopping block and it came only a week after a big town hall talking about how much money the company made and…” and then I realized I just had capitalism poisoning. Ooops.

  12. Jim, you can’t just drop on me that there’s a comic book character who is a nazi made of bees and just move on.

  13. I was expecting some sort of clutch or handbag with a cute frog print all over it, not that. Though in retrospect I don’t know how it could have been anything else.

  14. Of course you know how to make your historical war game apolitical?!
    “so here’s this giant enemy crab”

  15. Look, game industry, if KONAMI of all companies think that something is bad, don’t take that bad thing and make it even worse by saying that there’s nothing political about a WAR!

  16. Spec Ops the Line was praised for being complicated and having something to say, and is largely fictional; Six Days in Fallujah is non–fiction about one of the most controversial battles in one of the most controversial wars in modern history and it has, allegedly, nothing to say.

  17. Aleksander Grimsrud

    Remember when Spec Ops: The Line had you use willy pete and then made you walk through it and face up to what you had done? Six Days in Fallujah will aim to do the opposite of that

  18. Just to clarify, the US was not accused of using WP as a chemical weapon. They admitted to it. Crucial distinction.
    Edit: Nerdcubed did a video on this, it’s worth the watch.

  19. I’ve never before met an Irish person who pronounces it “Bidet-dough”. Is that just me? Like, they literally have a popular brand of crisps called Tayto.

  20. It’s “not political” as long as you’re willing to just assume the US is always the good guys, and anyone they are shooting at is inherently evil and in need of being wiped out.

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