Crossy Road Multiplayer

We are very proud to announce that has arrived in on Google Play! Play with up to 4 friends over wifi and experience a whole new level of wackiness with your friends and family! Hop on over to the Google Play store and join in on the fast-paced, traffic-dodging, splat-tastic fun!

With more than 120 Million total players weaving in and out of traffic and countless accolades, including the Apple Design Awared 2015 and Best Game of 2015 Award on Google Play, Crossy Road is a smash hit beloved by players from around the world.

The goal is simple yet amusingly challenging – cross the road and don’t get splattered! Dodge traffic, dash over train tracks, and dangle through rushing rivers. Utilize your thumb wielding wits to collect coins and win retro-styled characters in the ultimate endless arcade hopper! You’ve been warned, crossing the road will never be the same again!


  1. Santiago Zamora Lopez

    as an active the mode multiplayer?

  2. Finally!! it’s been in apple TV for months now

  3. holy sheet! this is awesome, i’ve been waiting for this since I started

  4. sucks you cant play with apple users

  5. How to do it?

  6. 22nmkiekdkekkduesjej3ytorkmlks?ñnwnnnjkdekejshvp wvwvs

  7. dużo uciechy podbij innymi bijąc windykacyjnych

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