Crimson Earth – Crimson Crap

So here’s some rubbish I played for your amusement. Oh no.


  1. every time you mention semen, I take it as permission to wank. don’t deny me sempai

  2. Yeah, I think this is the garage from a game you played called “Zombie Parking” a long time ago. In fact it looks like this is the exact same game but with a different character!

  3. Melissia Blackheart

    If you have crimson crap you should see a doctor.

  4. Magic, magic E…

  5. That Magic E Wizard is way more entertaining than the entire pile of shit some braindead moron would call a “game”.

    Also, who is IMMEDIATELY disliking your videos every time you upload? I got in here under 100 views and it already had a dislike. Does this person just outright hate you regardless of the content you put out or your opinions within said content?

  6. If it’s any consolation, this video inspired me to reinstall DOOM.

  7. _Magic magic e_

  8. Darth Playroom the Wise

    magic magic E.

  9. “It’s more zombies, everybody.”
    I like how you can just hear the life drain out of Jim’s voice as he says this.

  10. That dude’s hand is clipping through the front grip…

    …I’m not even a minute in and I can tell this is gonna be something, uh…


    Yeah, something else.

  11. Kirkhammer is my Waifu

    5:19 – Thankfully they cut away before Tweedle-Dee falls to his knees, sobbing and holding the bundle of string that was once his twin brother, as the wizard who transformed him teleports away still chanting his reality-warping alphabet spell.

  12. magic E is the proof that creative genius does exist… Or did exist.

  13. Man i would hate to be Jim, having to pay money to pay for crap like this…….

  14. John Christian Basiloña

    I am very disappointed in you Jim…didn’t your mother tell you not to play with trash? especially if they are crimson colored? have a bit of class… well at least you’re not playing aliens colonial marines…

  15. holy shit, ‘magic magic e’, it’s amazing what the mind forgets all about for decades then instantly recalls after hearing the first three notes…

  16. Shit becomes shite with me
    Spit becomes spite with me
    Magic, magic Steam (boodle-de-dooo!)
    Magic, magic Steam.

  17. Alright, here’s a message for any budding indie devs who might be reading this:

    _Do not put zombies in your game._ Just don’t. They have been beaten into the ground, dug back up, and pounded into a bloody pulp before being beaten into the ground again. You cannot make them unique anymore. You cannot make them fun anymore.

  18. Is Magic E going to make a cameo on a video about EA ?

  19. To be quite honest, I feel Crimson Earth 2 lost a lot of the charm of what made the first game so great.

  20. 11:50 Flat earthers will use this as evidence for their claims. Why not? All their other claims are bullshit.

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