Creepy Activision Wants To Know All About Their Employees’ Pregnancies

Ovia is a pregnancy tracking app that takes in a creepy amount of personal data from its users. This data can be accessed by companies to track the overall health and related trends of their workers.

I’m sure you don’t need to much of a held hand to work out why this is concerning.

Activision Blizzard incentivizes its employees to use fitness and health apps, Ovia included, and executive Milt Ezzard justifies it in the creepiest way possible.

Just another day in corporate datamongering, but shuddersome nonetheless.

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  1. Bobby needs to know the consistency of your discharge.

  2. Nagatem LordLucemon

    Is that shinra from ff7 in the background?, how fitting

  3. SomeCreativePerson

    If I can recall from my Management course in college, this is an illegal question to ask your employers. Isn’t that an eligible reason to sue the company?

  4. There's a starman waiting in the sky

    *Reads title*
    Excuse me? What?

  5. C’mon Jim, they just want to know in advance so they can neglect to offer the proper maternity/paternity leave. This is a classic AAA tactic

  6. “Turning babies into payers.”

  7. That’s actually considered discrimination. ACLU is likely not gonna take this one lightly.

  8. I’m starting to get the impression that work culture in AAA gaming companies is a lot like belonging to a cult.

  9. A year from now Jim is going to make a video about Bobby checking workers for testicular cancer and gloating about how he warned us…that’s going to happen isn’t it

  10. Now they are trying to monetise us before we are even born

  11. Yeah well,that's just, like, your opinion, man

    They’re looking for candidates to sacrifice to the money gods.

  12. When Jim Sterling calls you out for being creepy you know your off the deep end.

  13. Here at Activision we care about your health. So if you are predicated to get sick we can replace you.

  14. Playing the Shinra Theme when speaking about an evil company. Nice touch!

  15. This is the same attitude Slavers in the 16th century have towards actual slaves. “You’re a resource, a product to be sold, we want to know EVERYTHING about your health”.

  16. Can we just add “there’s no gun to your head” to the list of warning signs that people or companies may be actual supervillains?

    Seriously, it’s a stock phrase for corrupt corporations and individuals at this point.

    EDIT: oh, he actually talked about it in the video. That shows me for not watching it through before commenting. Even if my opinion does line up with his pretty well.

  17. I like this episode of Black Mirror. You should submit the script Jim. Maybe they’ll buy it.

  18. “[…]there’s no gun to your head[…]”

    no, but there’s probably a sword hanging over it.

  19. Human conditioning. Its starts out as voluntary and becomes mandatory.

  20. “I want them to have a healthy baby because its great for OUR BUSINESS EXPERIENCE, rather than having a baby who is in the neonatel ICU, WHERE SHE IS NOT ABLE TO FOCUS MUCH ON WORK.” They are going to use your pregnancy against you in your next contract negotiation / performance review, if they weren’t already.

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