Crazy Table Tennis Shot

group member Miikka O’Connor (FIN) made this crazy around the net shot at the Finlandia Open 2015 international competition. Miikka eventually lost the match 4-3 against Claus Nielsen (DEN), but at least he got this shot on tape! 😀

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  1. Its just illusion of perception. His arm movememts guide your eyes in a
    distinct pattern that makes it seem like he’d curve the ball but really its
    only going straight from the side.

  2. Isn’t wizardry considered cheating in Table Tennis?

  3. Blood tastes like iron

  4. wanted irl

  5. wasn’t it illegal? i thought the ball was going over the net was

  6. Wow. You’ll never see Beckham bend it like that!

  7. i did that too the impossible shot 1 time to my gf

  8. Dude he curved it with his mind!

  9. Fifa has merged with tennis

  10. You got a shout out from @YouTube on twitter

  11. The judge doesn’t even like table tennis, or then he has already seen it



  13. Science bitch!

  14. Whatta amazing bending!!!

  15. Nice aimbot. Enjoy your VACation.

  16. Такой техникой я владел больше 30 лет назад. Закрутить из под стола,
    закрутить на угол… в общем-то ничего особенного.

  17. 13K views already o.O I guess we should upload match content more
    frequently.. :D

  18. FreeMarketCapitalism

    I do this in Pokemon GO all day long

  19. Anime is leaking into the real world.

  20. Tom H (Charlierichmanegg)

    Very good

  21. Ensinmäinen katselija.

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