Crash Bandicoot (The Videogame Show What I’ve Done)

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talks about everybody’s favorite orange thing that is orange.


  1. Sauce And Corn Meal

    Like or my dog gets it!

  2. liquid0001 (Squadalaxd)

    Jim are you Ok?

  3. that gameplay is hard to watch

  4. It pains me how bad Jim is at games sometimes…

  5. Nice Gameplay :^)


    Holy shit.

    Tell me you were playing bad on purpose, were you?

    Tell me!

  7. So much nostalgia playing this.

  8. It’s always funny to see the people who don’t understand this series in the comments

  9. Rory Fingers has his finger on the pulse of the gaming industry. Unfortunately that’s because he’s giving it a proctology exam.

  10. Coco’s attempts to climb up this platforming section is a visual representation of her attempts to make it ‘To the top’
    She never does. :c

  11. for some cunty reason youtube unsubscribed me from this channel

  12. Give me the god damn controller Rory

  13. I can deal with the gameplay…

    But drinking into the mic? You cruel bastard.

  14. I love how the little facts pop up but don’t stay up long enough to read them at a normal pace.

  15. Nice DSP footage.

  16. So many people dont get this is a joke.. INCLUDING THE GAME PLAY. Come on guys


  18. TheDarkPremonition

    All of you complaining about how bad Jims playing… he is bad on purpose….. right, Jim ?

    Or is this Polygon footage ? :-O

  19. The only video series where, the greater the dislike bar, the more successful the video was.

  20. Crazy Spanish Guy

    I´m terrified at the skills in display here… we could be watching someone on his way to the E-Sport Champion Championships very soon. Few compare in dealing with new games of the vein of UK-Loylee and Knack 2.

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