Could this Save Call of Duty Zombies?

I hate to be in this recurring situation.. but alas.. will THIS new update save Vanguard Zombies??? Or is it too little too late!?
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  1. With the new update they couldn’t even be bothered to make a new map or remake literally any other map other than shi no numa because it was already in the game somewhat

  2. just wait until they make a full game just for zombie players, not the same stuff each year…

  3. I feel like they should try reboot zombies by having a map with the victis crew after the events of Blood maybe, them coming out of cryp sleep

  4. I don’t like how zombies is so dead that the best they can do is bring back a (roughly) 13 year old map. And as you said, they will probably just force their new and shitty mechanics onto it. And we are supposed to get excited by a potentially new area to a map we already know so well.
    Either make zombies fresh or let it die but recycling should not be the way.

  5. Anybody down to play some cod ww2 zombies

  6. I would definitely like to see you check it out. i’m curious if it’s any good!

  7. Hahah no because cod renaissance mod already remade shino better then they ever could hahaha XD

  8. Who cares?

  9. I bet wings could stand toe 2 toe with you on zombies

  10. This bloke you cheated your kino record anyway what you doing still talking about zombies

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  12. Im a hard core zombies player as well having thousands of hours, and I personally turned down zombies for vanguard, so probably a no

  13. 43k views 10m subs 😬

  14. Tom I would rather you spend your time playing Minecraft

  15. yes just try it for Fun love you VIDS

  16. I was so excited for vanguard then seen what they turned zombies into and didn’t even buy the game. I really miss the classic feel to it.

  17. Nothing will save zombies for vanguard, let’s get over it

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