Controlled Chaos: Fallout 4 Flaming Sword (The Shishkebab)

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Detailed pictures and tons more info:

Build Diary:
Day One:
Day Two:
Day Three:
Day Four:
Day Five:

Studio 2060:

“I Don’t Want to Set the World On Fire” by The Ink Spots:
“In Your Arms” by Incompetech:

Fallout 4:
The of Fallout 4:
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  1. Its kind of cool but I don’t think you should encourage anyone to build

  2. This is so great! Form and Function!

  3. Aw yeah, Caleb’s got a show!

  4. This is absolutely incredible! Great job!

  5. Wow…

  6. Ryan Fitzpatrick & Patrick Fitzryan, aren’t they the Irish gay couple from

  7. Somebody has been watching colin furze. His would shoot flames 10 feet tho.

  8. That’s pretty sweet.

  9. wrong song… its the wanderer not i dont want to set the world on fire…
    thats 3

  10. The Shishkebab was from Fallout 3 and continued its was into Fallout 4.

    Sorry… nerd moment.

  11. This is bloody awesome. Great work!!!

  12. Let's Prep Together

    Cool build and thanks for pointing out the safety issues 😉
    This is a project I had on my to-do list for ages and just remember that I
    still have a Katana lying around in my attic.
    Cheers Alex

  13. Awesome Wood Things

    I love controlled chaos!

  14. Amazing Build! I’m a fan of your stuff since the old HAD times. Extra kudos
    for the Nuka-Cola Clock at 0:27 :)

  15. To all Fallout fans out there, you guys know that “shish kebab” is the name
    of a middle-eastern dish right? I guess the katana and flames combined
    makes scence, as the grilled meat is usually cut into small pieces :D

  16. Adventurer From Sweden

    I made a similar thing but with holes every cm for a more even flame.
    Although it looked really cool it ran out of gas really fast and sometimes
    if I lit it too fast the front ones didn’t burn

  17. Fantastic job as always guys!

  18. that’s incredible!

  19. Roger ain’t lookin too good.

  20. Awesome !! Thumbs up 😀


  21. Whoooo!!! Great flames man!!! Verry nice!!

  22. Great Video

  23. Sigh, your gonna see me on the news now:
    “Local man found decapitated and scorched in his garrage trying to
    replicated a Fallout 4 weapon after watching youtube video.”

  24. Bad ass sword

  25. Rippertear - Gaming Videos AKA SDL Benjii TGPASOTSISAPROA(THR)STTLOYTYVM

    Lightning sword? not a Fallout thing from what I know but it’s still a cool
    idea. I mean, youi can stab someone through the heart AND legally
    incapacitate them at the same time! ;D

  26. It could be cool to let Skallagrim make a reviev of that sword.

  27. Ryan Fitzpatrick…one half of a gay Irish couple. His partner’s name,
    Patrick Fitzryan.

  28. RedoranGuard-Fallout4&SkyrimBattles

    <--- Fallout 4 battles!

  29. the songs from 3 seems to be present in 4

  30. that weapon could be use in fallout nuka break fan made film man! it
    awesome! cool stuff!

  31. Biri şiş kebab mi dedi? ??

  32. Wow. Imagine if he did this with a lightsaber! A flaming lightsaber! That
    would be… Oh, wait…

  33. definitely more steampunk looking than greekgadgetguru’s version

  34. Right now I watched guide how to get this weapon and was wondering if this
    can work in real life.Just wow.

  35. Just perfect why haven’t I heard of this awesome YouTube page before!!.
    Liked and subscribed.

  36. türkiyeden selamlar

  37. My house is now on fire. What should I do?

  38. Cool. Kill an enemy, cook dinner later.

    I made one of the bats with double saw blades.

  39. great video!
    Japanese sword can cut well when you turn off while pulling in front.

  40. If you think Butane is bad try White Gas. I had a backpacking stove that
    used it and HOLLY SHIT you gotta be careful with that stuff! If that shit
    leaks on you its like a mini nuclear explosion.

  41. So no Mini Nuke Launcher?

  42. That is BADASS

  43. * stabs deathclaw, cauterizes wound.

  44. Blackie Lawless from W.A.P.S.P. had a flaming codpiece… You know what
    needs to happen…

  45. I would said this is pretty neat gentleman! Now that I see the real
    ‘Shishikebab’, I will be on my way playing my Fallout game again….

  46. thats….. hot.

  47. to do list updated:
    Flaming sword

  48. Your sword is shit, that is only i can say.

  49. It’s rly awesome!

  50. cool

  51. You should make a pip boy! It would be a lot more difficult but it would be

  52. amazing yay!

  53. I wonder what would happen if someone shot the canister.

  54. You guys have way too much time.

  55. Yet for some reason. An average pewdiepie video will still garner more

  56. I’m sorry, did you say Flame Ukulele?
    Amazing build btw.

  57. I thought it would be dangerous but its actually really well made.


  59. what a amazing work!

  60. 9gag brought me here

  61. Prototipes Kataskebes
    i am from greece pleazy like to my fb page

  62. The dog in the end. So cute <3 I was looking for a real life Shiskebab and
    I found it!

  63. I so want it!!

  64. Wow! Really great job!

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