Content Preview: Visions of N’zoth

The World of Warcraft development team is hard at work on the next content update for Battle for Azeroth. Join game director Ion Hazzikostas for a first look at what’s in store for Battle for Azeroth and what’s next for WoW Classic!


  1. He said “you’ll earn a legendary cloak”.
    I heard “you’re never gonna get a cloak”.

  2. Some say his hands just kept going after the video ended and still go on to this day.

  3. Carlos Eduardo Veloso da Silva

    ‘one of mightiest of all evils that Azeroth has ever know’ I hope we dont just kill him for good only 2 patches after his release!
    but overall it looks like a cool patch

  4. I guess we’ll see what Ion lied about this time

  5. dude burned about 8000 calories by waving his arms

  6. All next to this negativtiy towards BfA i really like this whole addon and I’m playint since BC!

    And 8.3 looks all in all really good tbh there nothing so fsr i don’t like
    This gonna be great i can feel it !!

  7. 12:58 “in a *shock to everyone I’m sure,* the vulpera will be joining the horde” HAHAHA

  8. “Reaches out with its tentacles and tendrils…”

    *Hentai Artists* “Mmm interesting…”

  9. – We did it, we time traveled!
    – Yeah, but to what year?
    – Let me ask that guy over there.
    – Hey, what content is releasing WoW this year?
    – Legendary cloaks, we are doing stuff in Pandaria and also facing the threat of an Old God.
    – We are in 2013.

  10. Horde warchief gone rogue and a legendary cape ? oh boy this is new!

  11. Yes remember the good times like when Blizzard didn’t bow down to China and actually cared about their audience.

    • this reminds me of the latest South Park episode. They are on point

    • So does anyone actually know for certain that’s why Blitzchung got banned or is everyone just taking the “official story” at face value because we all hate ActiBlizz?

    • @Ask Wagner How is it not legally sound? The only ones beholden to the first amendment are the government and Blizzard is not a government institution. Plus there’s the whole issue of international law because he’s not from USA which muddies the whole thing a great deal.

  12. Blizzard pulls Blitzchung from Hearthstone tournament over support for Hong Kong protests

    Blizzard is China’s pet

    • #LiberateHongKong

    • Now if only he’d said something acceptable like…”IMPEACH TRUMP!!” They’d have increased his prize.

    • Adam Steele ? I don’t like trump but I see where you are going. Funny thing tho … Trump told China he wouldn’t raise a fuss about Hong Kong so I could see China bringing down the hammer on him for saying Impeach trump … we live in a crazy world my friend

  13. “Anybody who would betray their ideals just to make money in China isn’t worth a lick of spit.”
    – Stan Marsh, South Park, Episode “Band in China”

  14. You know what they say
    “Sometimes you have to compromise your ideals of freedom and liberty, in order to suck on the sweet warm teet of China.”

  15. Hong Kong deserves freedom, and the winner deserves his money

  16. Introducing!

    World of Warcraft: Trouble in Tentacle Town

  17. So basically, WoW: Stranger Things


    WoW Stranger “Dings”

  18. Liberate Hong Kong ✌️?

  19. Whens the patch where you don’t cave to Chinese censorship?

  20. Blizzard: The World Could Use More Heroes!
    Blizzard Pro Gamer: *speaks out against an authoritarian regime*
    Blizzard: Wait not like that

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