Congratulations on Killing Vollibear

Papaya Dreaming Discord (NOT A CHRISTIAN SERVER):

It was all your fault. If you weren’t so concerned about the meta, he would still be played today.

Stop letting yourself be a slave to society. Nerds.


  1. The GOD is BAAAACK

  2. Wow! Nice discord server man, there was this mod on there who was really polite to me and really stuck out, i think his name started with a P. Please thank him for me and tell him he’s the best mod <3

  3. 1:02 Live stroke caught on film

  4. Voli is less relevant than NA at worlds

  5. Your voice is so cute Papaya

  6. Who’s Volibear?

  7. Why those dislikes..?

  8. Champion never should’ve been made to begin with. Fucking trolls voting for it.

  9. I don’t play a lot of league anymore, but when I do, I always bring out the Voliboo <3

  10. Good riddance

  11. Ask yourself though… do we even need a Vollibear?

  12. Voli did have a 58% winrate in bronze and silver last year, didn’t he?

  13. ill play a few games of voli just because you put deathproof at the end

  14. League is strange: before the rework

  15. As a Voli main, I declare that this video is heresy!

  16. I’m sorry but I hate volibear I hope he stays dead as long as they don”t rework him

  17. well we have his brother to play now

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