Competition and New Players | Riot Pls – League of Legends

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Lead Producer New001 returns with updates on the state of the game and the upcoming release of Clash, as well as plans to (finally) improve the new player experience, and some details on Ranked in 2019.


0:00 – Intro
0:29 – State of the Game
2:01 – New Player Experience
3:01 – Clash and Ranked Improvements
5:41 – Player Requests

League of Legends Editorial Blog:


  1. Having a rank to each role is just stupid… I could be diamond as a jungler, and having a perfect gamesense of the game, but if i wanted to go adc, where im just silver, i still have the gamesense and the skill to completly destroy my opponents, so by doing this change to the ranking system, there will be a lot of smurfs using one single account, because they’ll be playing against a diamond without them even knowing, when they’re just silver/bronze… This will be unfair, therefore, people will quit…

  2. please don’t add the 5 rank system :c

  3. If ranks will be role based, then what will happen if two people switch roles?

  4. please do not do that each role will have its own rank. it means that people who get their off roles or autofilled wont try and possible int in ranked cos their LP isnt at stake

  5. Get ready to hear “idc im not on my main role so ill troll” more frequently everyone…..Gj riot -.-

  6. What about Twisted Treeline?

  7. d1 jungler can queue up for g1 mid and switch to jungle ez clap

  8. The ”rank for every role” system is awfully bad, seriously. I am diamamond 3 not only in top but also in only one champ, Riven, but that doesnt mean that I dont have the knowledge of macro and those things when I play other roles, because I get other roles but still have 100% winrate with thresh, or gp mid. Lets take gp as an example, a champ that has a global ult that can turn the tide of a fight. I can play it on top and mid, and if the difference is too high between my new ranks, It will be unfair because I have the same mechanical AND macro experience as someone in my highest elo has. Besides, as many said, It will be so frustrating to not make progress in the lane that you care about, I mean just WHY? im getting tilted only by writting so I will only ask you not to make this change. Please.

  9. yeah selling my account any bids that idea is so stupid, that literally killed the game for me.

  10. WOW they must REALLY be losing players to be making good decisions like this :O

  11. C&C: Red Alert - AndrewFord

    As a top challenger player, I hope you do NOT add per-role MMR. Maybe for performance would be cool, but don’t make it affect the matchmaking itself. Normal draft should be for practicing your role, and players who play multiple roles should feel that their progress goes towards the same goal.

  12. For everyone complaing about diff ranks for roles being unfair because a diamond mid who is silver top would stomp top lane, then they would climb out of that elo top rather quickly so it wouldent affect it

  13. Finally Wood division is coming.

  14. Can i quit a game during champ select if i have a yasuo support.. or a yasuo mid

  15. Pretty decent changes. I like the 5 rank system at least in a matchmaking sense but it’ll be really annoying to communicate 5 rank levels to other players.

    Still not sure if I’d come back and play, given the fact that its clear new champions or reworks have always been like 20 dashes, 10 blinks and 30 shields per ability. I stopped caring after Ekko and Yasuo.

    Ornn, Zoey… ah yep probably not coming back.

  16. the only thing that i hate is the matchmaking so pls do something i stopped league since 2 monthes now and im waiting for a better league cause gettin inted trolled injuried everygame when you’re better than the mates which are inting you it’s a bit disgusting…

  17. 2 new tiers???? BUCKLE UP BOYS WOOD TIER IS COMING

  18. Rito Plz, Bring Back IP Worst update where when you guys changed to BE

  19. “You can branch out and try new roles in ranked.” Isn’t that what normals are for?

  20. Not Putting people with low honour together with people who have been very honourable could make games ineresting for people who int and better for those who dont

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