COD: Modern Warfare 2019 – Things the Trailer DOESN’T Tell You

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) has been announced as a reboot to the beloved franchise. We got to see it behind closed doors and we’ve got information beyond the trailer.


  1. Jake got to see gameplay in action, so here’s as much info as we could get.

  2. northstarpheonix

    Feels like 2007 all over again and I couldn’t be happier. A return to form I hope!

  3. Used to nail survival mode @Bakaara with mates in COD MW3. Those were the days.


    Finally I can be excited again like I was a kid for COD games.

  5. Please for the love of god, no loot boxes

    • Mate397 BRUH,you don’t have to buy it,it’s that simple.Even they have to,according to law to try their best to make some money out of the game.

    • Mate397 dude, how does it force you to buy shit if you don’t have to buy shit?

    • Mate397 I want cool looking camos I don’t need them. It’s a choice to buy supply drops you’re not forced to

    • +Octane Hardy Sure you don’t have to, but they’ll slowly creep a gun behind your head to nudge you towards that purchase button. Also make money out of it? How about oh I don’t know, selling us a complete product? not some live service garbage nobody wants? Stop defending predatory tactics.

    • +Mate397 you’re delusional. you aren’t forced to buy it. if you aren’t buying them then what’s your problem?

  6. “No Russian- The Game” sounds like my cup of tea, and the motto every developer should follow

  7. “…other new versions of classic characters”

  8. WhatTheeHeckman

    There will not be a battle royal mode .. probably for the better in this case.. because this beauty game shows so much more than that . New approach..

  9. I hope they have survival mode like in mw3

  10. If the weapon customization is anything like Escape From Tarkov it’ll be insane.

  11. Whoa guys chill with the hype…
    Remember, no pre-orders

  12. Caleb Chan-Nantais

    It’s the first time in years I’ve been excited about call of duty… My heart is warm

    • Honestly I was young when the mw series was made. So I just used my older brothers copies. And after mw3 I didn’t care, so this will be my first ever cod game that I will buy

    • Caleb Chan-Nantais i bet you said the same thing about wwii.

    • Dont overhype it again trailer dosent mean shit specially for COD


    • Caleb Chan-Nantais poor little thing , still being dumb enough to get hype before seeing or knowing anything about this game 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  13. Don’t drop the *soap*
    Or step on a *roach*
    You’ll pay the *price*
    And become a *ghost*
    EDIT: Omg the Likes 🤤🤤

  14. Thank god, this is the change cod needed. Not the bs specialists and advanced movement they thought of four years ago

  15. Hmm actual in-game footage?

    nah, shot on iphone X.

  16. Wow, haven’t been excited for a cod game in so long. Price still one of the best video game characters ever, I hope they do him justice!

  17. Thank You LORD 🙏 Finally back to what Call of Duty is

  18. Modern Warfare is the besten Thing Cod made
    Price ghost Yuri soap roach ….. a real Game Story even when u play u begin attached to the characters

  19. Looks like I might buy it, first time since last modern warfare

  20. Can you please let us know the background score name, which played at outro..

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