Clueless Gamer: “Shadow Of War” With Kumail Nanjiani – CONAN on TBS

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Conan makes fun of Kumail’s voiceover work in the latest “Middle-earth” game and becomes obsessed with an Orc named Krûk the Drunk.

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  1. Game doesn’t need micro-transactions all I came to say

  2. Cuphead would have been more entertaining to watch imo since there’s 2 player Co-Op.

  3. I’m glad Conan is bringing this up Kumail’s voice is not intimidating at all lol, though it makes me want to recruit all of the characters he voices and put them all into one fort, I will call it “Nanjiani Castle”

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  6. i’ve wait to long for this

  7. Am I the only one who wanted to have Troy Baker in this video instead since he plays the main character….

  8. I wonder, if Conan had choked to death on a peanut, would Warner Brothers create a Conan DLC to generate more profit?

  9. Im gonna buy this game just to hear that orc speak

  10. wow the wait is over <3

  11. Francisco Sanhueza

    Is an Xbox one X?

  12. Conan, stop it! You are never going to be pewdiepie! Realize you lost your audience years ago when you turned into a libtard. Remember those ratings?

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  14. I hate people like this who push the stereotype that all gamers are basement dwellers if “there good.”

  15. Conan stays getting fuqd up, every game he play

  16. PLEASE do a clueless gamer with Norm Macdonald!!

  17. That wasn’t real was it? It ruins the whole vibe of the game.

  18. He’s done enough of these I’m surprised he hasn’t picked up some knowledge about the games.

  19. Conan, I love these videos but seriously just play with your nerd friend, it’s been so long I’ve forgotten his name

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