CLOCKWORK – Steam Your Punks

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  1. thelaughingrouge

    Looks pretty good.

  2. He said Goodlight Green Stuff again, I honestly prefer that to the normal
    name XD

  3. My brother did the music for this game. It looks awesome.

  4. Jim, will you do a playlist for good stuff?

  5. dingleberry liespewer

    when you said “this is good stuff we’re doing” I thought, for a pant
    shattingly scary moment you would follow up with “greenlight good stuff”
    and end the video there

  6. 4:21
    “The Goodlight Greenstuff viewer”
    I vote for a name change.

  7. Yeah, I get it, but Jim have you heard about the CS:GO gambling controversy

  8. 4:21 “Goodlight Green Stuff”? I guess that’s the new name for this series.

  9. It’s clockworkpunk Jim! Not steampunk. 

  10. you keep taking and giving back my fath in greenlight

  11. loving the new series. Hope this stays on your channel. Puts a smile on my
    face knowing that potentially good greenlight games can actually get the
    spotlight thanks to this.

  12. “Too bad” it’s a side-scroller game, it would be so nice to see this
    artstyle in a complete 3D world (“Too bad” because there simply are too
    many (pseudo-)2D side-scrollers on Steam Greenlight right now, which kills
    a lot of its uniqueness and and the retro-feeling – especially with the
    side-scrollers who are really really bad). Still could be a nice casual
    game for a few spare minutes though, so thumbs up for that.

    While we’re at steampunk and “2D” games: I just discovered Comumnae on
    Greenlight. Looks pretty nifty as well and might be another good casual
    5-minute-spare time puzzle game/graphical novel for a small gaming snack on
    the go.

  13. It looks much better than Grim Dawn.

  14. Dont Leave Your Account Logged In (#Rekt)

    Can someone really get tired of steampunk? Especially in the current
    environment of entertainment?

    As a total nerd I haven’t personally seen many prominent steampunk projects
    recently. There’s Jim Butcher’s Cinder Spires, Lady Mechanika, Bioshock
    Infinite, Hellboy (and Hellboy takes more from Lovecraft I’d argue),
    Dishonored, Thief, Guns of Icarus, and those are the only ones I can think
    of really doing that theme nowadays.

  15. A fairly exciting looking puzzle platformer. I dig this. Thanks for sharing
    Steam Cleaner.

  16. Looks nice, but is there a jumpscary at the end

  17. Adrian Fahrenheit

    I’ve never been into steampunk art style. Not because I’m bored of it
    already, but I’ve simply never been into it, but the bosses’ designs are

    And yeah, the animation could definitely be improved; when the character is
    falling it also looks awkward.

  18. Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!

  19. this checks all my boxes so im def gonna go vote for this one

    you know what this series makes me really happy

  20. Steam you punks*

  21. Please just overlook Planets³ / Stellar Overload. It’s an amazing game.

  22. Good to see that you also talk about good games on greenlight. Giving
    people a good direction on what to vote for.

  23. Steampunk seems to attract good talent for video games. At least in the art

  24. WanderingRandomer

    The underwater world in Rayman Legends did the steampunk aesthetic fairy

  25. Hm, not a bad trailer, though I think the transitions are a bit TOO fast
    for my liking.

  26. it was fun finding out about this one because Greenlight has been
    very…..well….barren in terms of solid Greenlight stuff this past week

  27. Jim I’m so glad you’re doing this now so now I don’t have to wade through
    the filth to up vote deserving games

  28. Jesse Williams-Fuller

    I like this one. It’s also nice to see an Australian developer on
    Greenlight who appears talented and isn’t a deranged homophobic idiot.

  29. Huh, apparently my tax dollars contributed to this… I approve

  30. I watch all your content and thoroughly enjoy it. This is my favourite
    series of yours next to the Jimquisition. I’ve never even bothered going on
    Greenlight because there’s such the abundance of shit to filter through.
    This really gives games like this an excellent chance, because you do the
    chore of filtering for us. I have voted for every game you’ve shown us with
    this series because these games actually demonstrate confidence and
    ambition in spades. Just giving my feedback because I definitely would like
    to see more of this series. Great stuff!

  31. Game looks like Oddworld’s 2D games… Abe’s Odyssey etc…

  32. Ooooow that jab at yoloarmy at the end xD Great work Jim! Thank God for

  33. Steampunk Prince of Persia. Okay. What else do we have on offer?

  34. Make Goodlight Green Stuff great again! Also, that boss reminds me of
    Jabberwocky from American McGee’s Alice.

  35. I know I have a green ghost gorlfrang

  36. Developer: Last Online 125 days ago..

  37. Hi Jim! I hope you see this, I did a quick Google and apparently you can
    buy Edge of Twilight now! At least, assuming this is the same one you were
    thinking of…

  38. I really like these videos Jim. It’s a nice balance to your best of steam
    greenlight series. Keep up the good work.

  39. what’s this about brass cocks?

  40. You can call us good light green stuffers or something to cover your tracks

  41. Gellért Gábor Kovács

    Good ol’ Jim Sterling doing some quality control for steam….

  42. It hardly matters how good the games are.
    They look better than most trash, they looked taken care of. Promoting that
    kind of stuff over the garbage that sneaks onto Steam can have a lot of
    unintended, but beneficial, side effects and impressions.

  43. Becky James (Brinawolf08)

    This one looks amazing.

  44. Reminds me of Teslagrad, oh i love that game

  45. I really like that Jim keeps us on the loop about games he talked about. It
    shows that he cares enough to follow up on the impact his videos have.

    Great work!

  46. The Steam Cleaner strikes again!

  47. Ростислав Несисюк

    *muffled “Just glue some gears on it” in distance*

  48. Best series, got Kologeon funded too, keep it up!

  49. Considering what kind of shit gets greenlit, this looks worth publishing.
    But honestly, I really feel that I’ve played the exact same “puzzle
    platformer” too many times before, and this just doesn’t stand out in any
    way that would make me want to play it.

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