CLG vs. C9 – Week 7 Day 1 | NA LCS Spring Split | Counter Logic Gaming vs. Cloud9 (2018)

VOD of Counter Logic Gaming vs. Cloud9
NA LCS Spring Split Week 7 2018 #NALCS

Counter Logic Gaming Lineup:
Darshan – Top Cho’Gath
Reignover – Jungle Zac
huhi – Mid Taliyah
– ADC Xayah
Biofrost – Support Rakan

Cloud9 Lineup:
Licorice – Top Maokai
Svenskeren – Jungle Kha’Zix
Jensen – Mid Ryze
Sneaky – ADC Varus
Smoothie – Support Leona

Watch all matches of the split here from all of our leagues: NA LCS, EU LCS, LCK Champions Korea, LPL.
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  1. Truly Counter Logic

  2. WTF c9 why u guys throw so hard ??? 10k gold lead very disappointed …..

  3. C9 ? We coo? ?☝You guys don’t really have a very good disengage tool. So when CLG gets core items and become the agressive one, then it’s probably GG ?

  4. Why did Licorice not have any armor? Why allow Bio on Rakan (apparently he’s REALLY good on that champ & someone on C9 should’ve known that)?

  5. So excited to see Biofrost doing well as CLG’s primary shotcaller!

  6. I loved seeing CLG so happy after the win

  7. Stop picking khazix… he is not nearly as good in team fights.

  8. If you know Reapered, he doesn’t care about winning as long as their in top 2 seeds for playoffs. They can do some unconventional tactics.

  9. CLG the anime team, just when it looks like there really is no way to come back, yeah. they do

  10. Looks like C9 almost gave them that game. Either way i’m super happy for my boys CLG. I believe in a playoffs run

  11. finny bc C9 and CLG are my 2 favorite teams. One had to lose. CLG should be good in the summer<3 Kinda big deficit atm.

  12. That moakai build is so bad

    one armor item

  13. Some people can’t accept C9 lost a game so they pretend they threw, lol. Watching the whole video shows they got caught out and outplayed.

  14. Glad to see Biofrost and Reignover smile again ^^

  15. Wow I’m pretty suprised they chose bio as their shotcaller even though he is practically new to the team. Hope he does well in the future

  16. What happen to c9 …:(

  17. im a C9 fan but i cant feel bad for CLG getting a win…

  18. Im guessing Sneaky is the limp one.

  19. Excited as a CLG fan to see them smile, keep the faith alive!!

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