Clash Royale : Freemium Experience

Today I show you how easy it is to climb up the leaderboard in without spending a penny as long as you are skilled like me!


  1. so true level 9 out here in frozen with zero legendaries

  2. what r ur stats on main acc?

  3. This is top-quality content.

    I’m subscribed to dozens of channels, but yours is one of the few ones that
    make me excited with every new upload.

  4. Watching your videos only to hear “Nice!” again.

  5. honestly just avoiding this game is the best thing you can do

  6. oh nice, you linked to my video

  7. funny video, also bonus points for using Conker’s bad Fur day music.

  8. Do more clash royale videos. they’re hilarious

  9. Nice! Pls upload more! I love your sarcastic commentaries

  10. i love your voice darth fader aahahah

  11. you dont have to spend money unless you’re bad like you are lol

    Im level 10 (almost 11) and i just recently spent money on gems for the
    first time. I have 3700 trophies. It’s about timing and skill.

  12. loolz, Techrax part was the funniest

  13. You’re a fucking twat

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  15. gIitch i’ve been using for G E MS is still on online here –

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