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I am scrub tier.


  1. That’s some spooky shit man

  2. Please understand, Jim. The developer needed to rush this out before it was
    complete so the pros could practice it in time for EVO

  3. I’m pretty sure these sound effects are from ES: Morrowind!

  4. oh no…. just no…….

  5. I think you’re over thinking the Living Dead thing Jim…I just think the
    dev didn’t want to call it a zombie and make it seem generic. Like another
    commenter said, Nosferatu isn’t actually the name of that character, so I
    don’t think the dev thinks there’s a character called Living Dead.

  6. This is so hideous

  7. ULTRA!!!!!!!

  8. 1:40 jim the headless horsman was in the sleepy hollow movie so that steam
    reviewer dude is an idiot. Just i don’t remember the horseman having a
    pumpkin head in that movie though.

  9. 7:47 I think I know some people who might be able to do just that. They’re
    called the Scrublords, and this looks like it would be right up their

  10. Even Mortal Kombat: The Journey Begins fights are more exciting

  11. @7:41 you literally run into his fist lol

  12. When the headless horseman jumps twice, his head fire draws the McDonalds
    logo in the air… Awesome!

  13. Usually when devs are making a fighting game they’ll prepare the moves and
    the controls with placeholder characters, it looks like this one had a
    “Lets make a fighting game with horror movie characters” idea, made the
    character models and just said “lets worry about the other stuff later”

  14. Ugh the creepiest thing about “Living Dead” is that rather than gnashing
    his teeth the bottom set is just clipping through the top.

  15. Sans The Skeleton

    His name is Count Orlok, not “Nosferatu”.

  16. Game is pretty fucked, needs to be listed as early access. This barely
    looks like it’s alpha, let alone beta. Animations needs fixing bad, needs
    more stages & characters.

    However, the criticism about calling the zombie “Living Dead” seems largely
    pedantic. Although it doesn’t refer to any specific character, there is no
    doubt that the zombies were crucial to the plot of the film. Having a token
    zombie character makes sense if the game’s combatants are supposed to be
    inspired by the “classic” horror movies. Would it have bothered you less if
    the dev just called him “Zombie”?

    However, I am confused about “Bones”. There are plenty of movies with
    skeletons, not as many with them being animate that I can think of though.
    Honestly the only thing that comes to mind is the stop motion skeletons
    from Clash of the Titans, but that’s not really a horror movie, is it?

    Anyway… I suppose that one in the bottom left was supposed to
    Frankenstein’s monster, but there are several characters missing if the
    devs want to represent the “classics”. We still need a mummy, a wolfman,
    Dracula himself (although that might be redundant with Nosferatu already
    present), probably add in the Creature from the Black Lagoon and the Bride
    of Frankenstein. Headless horseman should probably be completely redone…
    I’m not sure why Ichabod Crane is there at all.

  17. Bones is an original creation copyright me do not steal.

  18. This reminds me of Terror Drome, a free fighting game made with the Fighter
    Maker engine. It had 3D models rendered to 2D of classic monsters from
    movies like Chucky, Jason Vorhees, Leatherface and even Pinhead. Very
    competent and responsive, it was a decent fighter.

  19. Why would anyone play an unoriginal fighting game when you can play Mortal
    Kombat, which has much better controls, gameplay, and graphics?

    Plus it has horror characters in it too.

  20. I have been thinking about steam recently and it should be seen as a museum.
    One section should be museum of bad art (spawn of greenlight and other
    shit) and the fine art section (good games.)

  21. The AI looks like it doesn’t understand the controls either. WTF is that
    bot doing?

  22. Yo… Jim’s description of Nosferatu was tooooooo real.

  23. 000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000


  24. No mummy?

  25. As soon as I saw this on Steam, I knew Jim would cover it. Also, didn’t
    Darkstalkers already do the ‘movie monster fighter’ thing a thousand times

  26. Seeing bones makes me want to play Killer Instinct now.

  27. Well, I give them points for including a female vampire and I like the idea
    of the game. Sadly the execution is very lacking. By the way, Invisible Man
    = John Cena.

  28. Any game about classic monsters that fails to include Mr Hyde or the
    Creature from the Black Lagoon has failed in its purpose.

  29. You can tell exactly how badly this game was programmed just by watching
    the cpu opponent flail and attack wildly the whole match. It never stops,
    regardless of its ability to actually connect with said attack. What,
    you’re on the opposite side of the screen? I’ll just punch and kick
    continuously then, that’ll show ya.

  30. umh… does nosferatu throw tiny nosferatus as an attack? 9:57

  31. wonder where the music is from (its not half bad actually)

  32. I’ll give it 1 thing, it has a fuckin arcade mode which is more than sf5
    can say for it self.

  33. Some slight inaccuracies with the source material:
    1) As Jim said, there is no character in ‘Night of the Living Dead’ called
    ‘Living Dead’. They’re called ‘ghouls’.
    2) The ghouls in ‘Night of the Living Dead’ looked like ordinary people,
    usually clothed, not especially rotten and nowhere near that ripped.
    3) The vampire in ‘Nosferatu’ is named either Count Orlok or Count Dracula,
    not ‘Nosferatu’.
    4) Count Orlok does not know karate.
    5) Count Orlok can bend his elbows all the way.
    6) While it’s debatable whether or not the Headless Horseman actually
    appears in ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow’, he definitely doesn’t have a
    pumpkin for a head (he possibly throws a pumpkin at one point though).
    7) The Headless Horseman has, in fact, no head.
    8) In ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow’, Ichabod Crane is a timid, weak,
    gossipy schoolteacher, not Hugh Jackman’s character from Bloodborne.
    9) ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow’ isn’t really a horror story at all and no
    horror-themed film version depicts the characters as above.
    10) On the character selection screen of the classic 1925 film ‘The Phantom
    of the Opera’, you can select Lon Chaney’s phantom without the screen
    fucking up.

  34. Gaster vs Spooky Scary Skeletons.

  35. That slow-mo pause would make Michael Bay and Molineux and every genious
    out there wet their underwear.

    So cynematic and immersive, and the next one will be even better.

    …something’s dripping out of my earholes

  36. I get the idea of this game and its not bad, but its execution is complete
    horrid shit. You are better just spending more money and get MK XL and play
    with modern monsters, although it would be awesome to play as classics in
    that game to.

  37. “bones” is a character in quake 3 arena.

  38. What would you call the living dead from Night of the Living Dead? They
    don’t call them zombies, so if you say that, you’re an idiot. Living dead
    is not the most original name, but it fits.

  39. When I saw the skeleton I was kinda hoping it was going to be from Jason
    and the Argonauts.

  40. Everything’s in fucking Beta. Products aren’t done before sale any more,
    right? Hasbro sends out parts, not completely built transformers, right?
    And they send the wheels in a later bundle, since they’re not ready for the
    wave, right?

  41. bless em for trying,the aesthetics heart is in the right place

  42. I love the concept but this looks bad.

  43. Looks like a 1st generation game on the 3DO. I went 90’s old school with
    that one.

  44. The victory tokens look kind of like the saw puppet mask.

  45. Oh wow! The invisible man?? We can actually play as john cena in this game!

  46. You had me laughing like mad Jim, fantastic exposition especially on
    ‘living dead’ ! lol

  47. I was kind of hoping you’d pick the invisible man. I have the feeling they
    would be lazy enough to just avoid any hint of animation with it.

  48. living dead looks like it dropped a ton of mdma

  49. that music
    thats trailer music
    movie trailer music!
    i think from the star trek movie or something
    Libery shield or something?

  50. Adam Poole (animeguy4ever)

    a better title would be Garbage Fighter

  51. [Ukinojoe Blonic voice] *I’M* not Skeleton, I’m *MY* Original Character,

  52. is the AI secretly dsp pressing buttons?

  53. KORN cd’s might be the most offensive thing Jim Sterling had said to me.

  54. MockRock - Smash Bros, Pokken, and More

    This is a real shame. A proper fighting game built around classic monsters,
    with good character design, mechanics, and animation, is actually something
    I’d buy in a heartbeat. But this is… yeah.

  55. my favourite was bones bones is good bones

  56. Huh. Guess there’s only so many “classic monsters” in the public domain.

  57. Wait are the combos for Living Dead and Nosferatu exactly the same other
    than slight alterations for two people on one computer?

  58. I don’t even think the AI knows what it’s doing…

  59. I dont think it look so bad (just sort of early in the works) if the
    characters had some moves fitting their characters, but it looks like he
    took the monster skins and patched them onto mortal combat movesets or

  60. God damn, back biting movie monsters!

  61. Bottom left is the Phantom of the Opera

  62. Nosferatu looks a bit like Hugh Jackman

  63. You have to give credit that at least they just didn’t use MUGEN to make
    this. They probably should have, it would have been better, but they

  64. Some of my favorite movie monsters:
    – Evil Dead
    – Alien
    – The Ring
    – Chainsaw Massacre (the guy from Texas)

  65. Try this for a fighting game with monsters:!/en-us/games/war-of-the-monsters/cid=UP9000-CUSA01554_00-SCUS971970000001

    No really, you’d love it Jim. You can even catch stuff thrown at you or
    knock it back with a steel girder like a baseball bat.

  66. 2spooky4me

  67. The character is Nosferatu actually wasn’t even named Nosferatu. Depending
    on which region’s subtitles you got, he was either “Count Orloc” or

  68. Can’t wait for the sequel, “rise of the Graveyard Smash”.

  69. bahahahahaha korn cd’s

  70. Would rather watch this at EVO than smash.

  71. good idea

    shit developer

  72. scrolling is better than SF5, at least half of your opponent doesn’t
    disappear when you jump.

  73. So it’s better or worse than Battle Monsters?

  74. I don’t understand why you’re splitting hairs over the zombie being named
    Living Dead. He’s ONE OF the living dead. It’s like naming a xenomorph
    Alien. I mean yeah he’s technically not named alien but he is AN Alien from
    the movie named Alien.

  75. “It’s satire.”

  76. I fucking love the Bride of Dracula’s thumbnail. She’s very “Oh my god
    Becky, you did NOT!”

  77. FlunderingChipper

    OF THE

  78. that was ghastly

  79. SuperKittyPogoDance

    I think they took Nosferatu’s animations from a dancing game.

  80. The premise of this is pretty sweet. The execution, on the other hand…

  81. i always thought that fat ppl tolerate heat better because they r
    warmer….thats how it works right?

  82. I just want to see Jim give himself to Christ our LORD and raise his hands
    in worship and love

  83. Korn CDs??!? Unsubscribed

  84. The Darkstalkers sequel looks awesome, I’m betting the characters are
    locked though

  85. Baarondones Slatskie L.


  86. Remember all the mean things I said to Arena Spahiu a few yers ago he just
    looked the other way

  87. ByTheSideOfWriting

    The game is so bad Jim didn’t even get excited that it has an original
    skellington character.

  88. KoRn CDs lol.

  89. the Headless Horseman was actually very ambiguous in the original story.
    it’s SUGGESTED that Ichabod’s rival (I can’t recall his name) dressed up to
    murder/drive off Mr. Crane by the fact that he married the girl who was
    interested in Ichabod, BUT it was never clearly STATED.

  90. Did you just call me a Korn CD?
    You wanna take this outside motherfucker?

  91. It looks like the game places too little of a deadzone on your controller’s

  92. For shame. They had a Monster Mash title opportunity and they couldn’t have
    missed it harder, although I suppose that would work better for a dancing
    game… also a game that isn’t utter bollocks.

  93. maybe the real monster is steam for letting this game into early accese and
    the game dev is trying to show that

  94. Stephen Schlueter

    Living Dead does kind of look like the zombie from the poster for Bruno
    Mattei’s Hell of the Living Dead. If he can summon stock African animal
    footage, we’ll know for sure.

  95. If the headless horseman has a head and no horse, is he not just a man?

  96. Connor fitzgerald

    I got nightmares from this video, not from the monsters but the game

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