Clash of Clans: Koopa (Official TV Commercial)

Some Clashers play to win. Others play to give. This is the true tale of a man named , the most generous Clasher who ever lived.

Attack. Defend. Strategize. for for mobile devices.

From rage-­filled Barbarians with glorious mustaches to pyromaniac wizards, raise your own army and lead your clan to victory! Build your village to fend off raiders, against millions of players worldwide, and forge a powerful clan with others to destroy enemy .
PLEASE NOTE! of Clans is free to download and play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money

Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Clash of Clans.
A network connection is also required.

– Build your village into an unbeatable fortress
– Raise your own army of Barbarians, Archers, Hog Riders, Wizards, and other mighty fighters
– Battle with players worldwide and take their Trophies
– Join together with other players to form the ultimate Clan
– Fight against rival Clans in epic
– Build 18 unique units with multiple levels of upgrades
– Discover your favorite attacking army from countless combinations of troops, spells, Heroes and Clan reinforcements
– Defend your village with a multitude of Cannons, Towers, Mortars, Bombs, Traps and Walls
– Fight against the Goblin King in a campaign through the realm

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  1. That’s insane man

  2. May I know the name of the track starting at 1:08?

  3. Tbh The update sucks

  4. Why was he gone??

  5. long live koopa

  6. Mauricio Ontiveros Ontiveros Perez

    best player koopa

  7. Bond: “damn who 3 starred my base i’m trying to save up!” =(

    Christoph: I did, I am the author of all your pain

  8. Does koopa have youtube channel cant find it

  9. He’s a Saint

  10. He was playing it on pc , is that aloud now? I heard that who ever plays on
    pc gets banned

  11. see this,this what winner look like.

  12. Thx captain kaju

  13. Clash of cluck and lvl 10 member captain kaju

  14. The only good nazi, is a dead nazi

  15. Can’t wait for the commercial of that Town Hall 2 in Titans League. Anyone
    with me?

  16. I like the new update though…

  17. Регинка Рыбина

    Hello, I am from Russia. Привет, я живу в России

  18. what clan he in ?

  19. Make more tales????

  20. zainulabedin amthaniwala

    What’s the clan name

  21. السلام عليكم

    انا عربي

    الي عربي يضغط لايك


    I’m Arabic

    To Arabic presses like


  22. Оля Фурлетова


  23. Оля Фурлетова


  24. i cant find loots help me

  25. kappa ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  26. *donation intensly intensifies*

  27. Ciao iscrivetevi al mio canale!!!!

  28. this update… AWW CMOM

  29. фуууу

  30. Joaquin Benicio De Jesus

    Coc is aswome but if you farm your bonus loots is small amount

  31. People have donated WAAAYYY more than just 500,000? What makes this guy
    relevant? Wtf…

  32. i have stuff for a new true story for you

  33. does somebody need a clan? join TheBroBarberian

  34. Just saying

  35. Bizim klandakiler babar bile atmıyo mk

  36. Thats Right

  37. Сергей Свердлов

    нужно чтоб по руски было тоже

  38. Conserta o farm q é bom nada né!!!!!

  39. nikos grammatikopoulos

    p children PERFORMANCE PLAY clash of clans to come to the group gta 5

  40. congratulations. your parents should be proud of you ;)

  41. You know what? Ill be just like him so ill be nice and donate troops! (No
    offense) I just want to donate troops $.$

  42. cual es tu clan

  43. Расул Шайхетдинов

    the name of the clan ?

  44. Wow, maybe someday I’ll make my own record… xD

  45. I think Nintendo wanna buy Supercell

  46. querida supercell vocês quiseram melhorar o jogo e pioraram o farm ta lixo
    ,não consigo upar a minha vila e eu não vou comprar gemas PA da enfia
    dinheiro no seus cu n

  47. it is, His name is Christoph Waltz

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