CKcube Slim – Fully Portable Gamecube

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This mod is not done, I am aware it doesn’t have triggers, I made it. you don’t have to tell me. and the disc drive will have a cover, probably form a ps1 slim. It’s not done.

I used 2 gamecubes for this one, this mod uses a PCB with a built in regulator board and that’s how i got it so slim. hope you like it!


Zelda Informer:

Nintendo Life:

This post was originally published on April 3, 2012.


  1. love it but that bare spinning disk is triggering the fuck outta me, please
    put a hinge and a plastic lid with a clipable lock on dat shit PLS, DONT

  2. I just realized this video is 5 years old. why is this trending now?

  3. Four year old video is on the trending page..

  4. How am I supposed to wavedash with that???

  5. This video is 5 years old. So I guessing the thing is completed by now.

  6. Have you heard of the Nintendo switch

  7. RIP Nintendo Switch

  8. What is the point of a GameCube with one controller?

  9. That’s… that’s a cereal container, right?

  10. I didn’t catch it in the video but can you add more controllers or ports

  11. Is this done? Also why is it trending now? It is five years later

  12. How is this trending 5 years later

  13. When this was from 5 years ago ?

  14. where the fuck are the R L and Z buttons?!?!

  15. Needs an L, R, and Z button. Also don’t drop that heavy brick the disc will

  16. really youtube this is on trending

  17. At the rate of old videos getting on the trending page is going I just
    might pop up

  18. Jesus Herrera Comedy

    Next Mod: Putting the Nintendo Switch in a cereal box

  19. exposed disc drive. genius

  20. Looks nice! Questions though, what do you do when the controller breaks and
    would you be willing to sell such a design?

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