Cinematic: “Safe Haven”

Varok Saurfang realizes that that if he is to secure a future for the Horde, he must reach out to the one who led it in the past.


  1. Next patch is called ‘ World of Warcraft the return of green Jesus ‘

    “I followed _them_ ”
    good cover saurfang

  3. For the horde!
    Kill Varok and Thrall.
    Varok 0/1.
    Thrall 0/1.
    23 golds

  4. saw trailer
    log in game
    wtf am I in the wrong game?

  5. Kidswreckmovies

    This expansion should be titled: World of Warcraft: Battle of the Horde

  6. Blizzard has always made the best CGI in the gaming industry! Sooooo good!

  7. i wish they make this much effort on there games like in this short movies

  8. The only thing missing is Doomhammer’s armor used as a scarecrow here.

  9. No.1 on trending!!! GIVE US A SERIES ALREADY!!!?

  10. As always . Good CGI but questionable game making.

  11. the music is so beautiful, I want the soundtrack

  12. those 2 rogues are like level 20 trial accounts trying to gank mythic raiders lol

  13. Classic: Where is mankrik’s wife?
    BFA: Where is Thrall’s Family?

  14. T: “You were followed”
    SF: “… I followed THEM.”
    T: “…”
    “SF: (Whew! He bought it!)”

  15. I thought he was picking up Doomhammer…
    Now i’m sad

  16. Ракефыпамфт Эйяфьядлаёкюдль

    At the end of BFA:

    Nzoth or Sylvanas: “I am inevitable!”
    Thrall: “And I am Lord of the Clans.”

  17. Good to see Hulk finding his way after endgame

  18. Chevalerie Chong

    METZEN ! METZEN ! METZEN ! wooooohoooooo !
    More Metzen than Thrall we missed.
    So excited when I heard that voice.

  19. A well produced Warcraft series on Netflix would BLOW UP.

  20. “I followed them.” The greatest lie ever told.

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