Chase Your Legend – Doublelift | Worlds 2017

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is a relentless drive to succeed, and one of many attributes of a champion.

The pursuit of mastery is an endless journey, but those who persevere etch their names in history.

Additional episodes of the “Chase Your Legend” series will release as follows:

Xiaohu – 9/16
Crown – 9/18

The begins September 23rd.

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Music credits:

MXMS – Gravedigger (Instrumental)

David A. Molina – Reborn

Riot Games – LND


  1. Doublelift legend? lmao! What did he achieve since season1? Any major events? Stop overhype him.

  2. I deeply hope that TSM make history at worlds this year.

  3. Moral of the story: “girlfriend or carrier? HAHa”

  4. This may be THE ONLY Amine thats better than Cory in The House. Never thought there would be an Amine that would top CiTH.

  5. I hope we can get a poster of TSM in anime form

  6. I really need the background music name.

  7. this video is going to be really funny when TSM crashes and burns…again!!

  8. How old is bonnie again??

  9. i giggle every time a this tries to get serious

  10. This was so incredibly well put together! Makes me as a student want to learn more about doing this!

  11. I didn’t love…”streaming”:))

  12. GL winning anything with lord faker still around

  13. Win The World Title ?
    In your dreams 😀

  14. Playing for the name on the back of the jersey and not the front, how disgusting

  15. league is a decent anime but SKT is too powerful so there is no surprise

  16. league of legends anime confirmed main character doburifto and main antagonist faker-sama

  17. Can’t open the music from MXMS – Gravediggers

  18. I don’t wanna live normal life

  19. Dislikes from haters (or idiots, say it however you want)<3333333 love you and tsm from greece

  20. we all love you DL u are one of the best adc in the world gl and dont forget – #TSMWIN

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