Charizard’s down smash in a nutshell

alot of people seemed to enjoy this when i posted it on twitter so i extended it a bit and posted it here.
you all are amazing


  1. The content we didn’t ask for, but truly deserve

  2. The song is called White Devil from One Piece Pirate Warriors 3
    this was a video i made while i was half asleep and was debating on scraping it half way through but people seemed to like it on twitter so i might as well post it here right? anyways the DBFZ clash combo video part 2 is in progress! im trying to finish it asap so i can release it on my birthday (4/20) for all of you to enjoy. 😀

  3. glad I subbed ✌️

  4. I love your videos so much.

  5. That was positively smashing!

  6. Tfw Charizard isn’t steel type.

    Cuz he metal af.

  7. Krissen The Fraud

    Someone send this to Intro

  8. • WhereDidYouGohan •

    This deserves more views I’m completely sure of it!

  9. I’m going to watch this every morning

  10. Pirate Warriors ost is a blessing.

  11. I’m here before it becomes viral and famous.

  12. That DK was the cherry on the top of this masterpiece

  13. [screen shaking intensifies]

  14. MrDanish ButterCookie

    Quality content

  15. I lost it at Luigi

  16. I LOST IT AT 0:42 LMAOOO

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