Cartoonz never saw this coming! (D&D Meets Tarkov)

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Friends in Video:
@Dead Squirrel

Outtro song: SpacemanChaos:
#backrooms #h20delirious #Delirious #cartoonz


  1. I need to see the rest of the walking dead series from you

  2. H20 is so humble, man hasn’t changed mics since his start

  3. I remember when D first posted gameplay with squirrel. I fought it but then embraced it. I love this trio!

  4. a glorious quest

  5. Early but hey man

  6. Im disappointed they started uploading these right at the end of the beta i got to play for a day before it closed

  7. Ricoweldo Aloysius


  8. I would actually love to see a real D&D game with the vanoss crew in it that would be awesome

  9. Andreas Walle Johansen

    a bleeding skeletion O.o

  10. Wow this game looks awesome. I think u, toons, and squirrel would make awesome characters in the dark ages delirious.

  11. Daylonthascarygamer

    Delirious I have a game suggestion the game is called we need to go deeper

  12. Game looks super lit but my only question is why do the skeletons bleed ??

  13. Hide N Shriek 2022 plz

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