Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® – Special Ops Trailer

The next evolution of Special Ops.

Experience Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®’s massive 4-player co-op world on all platforms October 25th.


  1. If there is no snowmobile race available, I’m throwing hands

  2. “Who’s your team?”
    Me in Spec Ops: “Some old comrades.”

  3. I recognize that empty, desaturated pool anywhere, we’re going back to the Ghost Town bois

  4. * sees Airplane *

    * instant flashback of the green timer in COD 4 MW *

    * remembers the music *

    “Locate VIP in: 60.0 seconds”

  5. Turn on subtitles
    “booties are well connected collaborators”

  6. “everyone down, protect the president”

  7. * Sees plane
    * PTSD from Mile High Club on Veteran intensifies

  8. The cheer from the soldier when he jumps put of the plane was straight out of the War Pig mission at the end when the tank blows up

  9. Dispatcher: They all serve one new master.

    *Reveals Makarov’s Son*

  10. Planes, trains, cars: exist

    CoD: boom

  11. “What kind of name is SOAP?!”

  12. Remember that ” Mission Failed , We’ll Get Em Next Time”

  13. *Light goes off*
    Girls yelling and screaming

  14. “Don’t call me Shirley”

  15. “It’s only like 1% of the game” *releases full trailer*

    • Spec Ops Operations (Online based)

      Spec Ops Missions (Solo or party of 4)

      Spec Ops Survival (Day 1 for PS4, 2020 for PC/XB)

    • @KRYPTIC GAMING special ops for pc will be only availabel in 2020?

    • @Carlos Santos Negative, just survival. Xbox and PC gets spec ops. Just not survival.

    • Fin Smith I’ve heard that the survival mode won’t even be that special, someone on youtube said it’s gonna be one of those things where enemy’s come in waves. I have a PS4 and I’m not super crazy about it. Seems kinda pointless to put it in as an exclusive

  16. “Heavily wounded”

    Guy runs up and INJECTS a stimpack.

  17. I got one thing to say and one thing only.

    *”free Hong Kong”*

  18. I showed this to my cat, he just laid there but I know he’s pumped like me

  19. “Who’s your team?”

    Old friends logging back on after 10 years

    “Some old comrades”

  20. CDMW 2019: Так що у тебе за ім’я таке дурне, Микола ☺

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