CALL OF DUTY IS BACK!!!! MW2 (Ninja Defuse, Funny Moments & Fails) With Friends!

🎵 Outtro song: By SpacemanChaos!


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  2. The ogs will remember the ninja defuses back in the day the no mic days

  3. I feel like Delirious and Vanoss’s dynamic has reignited

  4. I’ve been waiting for this two, and now they back! ❤

  5. Im in the video lol, i texted delirious on the game cause i was surprised i got into a game with him 🙂

  6. I love hearing them struggle with the playstation controller

  7. Play with cartoonz when the new gears of war 6 comes out

  8. Ninja defuse, yessirrrr

  9. Delirious when will u play season 3 of TWD I’ve been rewatching the series and been wondering

  10. damn for 10 yrs he is back from ninja defusing

  11. Welcome to Vanosscrew Hatrick

  12. Don’t mind me when I am just laying on the floor wheezing after..
    Delirious: Why do you sound like that?
    Terrorizer: WHY DO YOU SOUND LIKE THAT SINCE 2012?!

  13. Love how there having fun and other virgin team is mad even tho there winning had a stroke reading my comment

  14. i have watched you for 12 years and your still good

  15. I played the beta on the ps4 and it was fun and made good friends to bad it will never be free again

  16. If this is the final product of MW2 I’m going to be extremely disappointed as it look just like a DLC add on to MW. Sounds, plays, and looks like I’m playing the same exact game and that’ll be extremely disappointing

  17. 1:31 my manz tried to go to heaven and got stuck in the ceiling…..

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