Call of Duty Game Turns Deadly! #DramaAlert INTERVIEW!

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  1. ATTENTION! – Correction!

    The kids that were fighting over the Call of Duty game were on the (Same Team!) & mad they lost $1.50 & were blaming each other for the loss.

  2. So he gave a fake address

  3. Just because you didn’t have a gun doesn’t mean your not responsible for this man being murdered. You played a large part in the chain of events that caused this mans life to be taken away. You sent death to his door step…

  4. So someone opened their own front door and he gets shot dead? USA still not addressing your gun situation. Had it be in the UK the man would 99.99% be alive

  5. I think the swatter is just a nerd who is trying to be cool. Respect to the family.

  6. “I Don’t really swat people i just evacuate stuff for fun”

  7. To be honest its 50/50. He called the police but the police shot the person. Thats just how i look at this situation.


  9. Both the professional swatter and the kid who ordered him are murderers.

  10. He knows that swatting is serious and that he police bring guns to most swattings. Saying he didn’t know they’ll bring a gun to a hostage situation is stupid.

  11. Are you fucking kidding me!

  12. america is so full of retarded people, that sometimes I think its a third world country

  13. I hope the FBI makes an example out of anyone and everyone involved. I really do. This is so wrong and he has no regret.

  14. Suggestions, what ya think:
    Dude who came up with idea to swat – 5 years / probation
    Guy who gave fake addy – 1 year probation
    Tyler Raj Barriss – 25 to life
    Cop who killed the kid – prohibited to own firearms, and work in security / law enforcement.

  15. That swatter is literally a degenerate!

  16. The guy who gave the fake address need to go to jail ASAP

  17. I’m glad that he’s arrested

  18. welp, hes now been arrested so… guess his swatting days are over

  19. Running ads on a tragedy?

  20. This was finally the call that resulted in someone’s death. I hope this guy hangs himself in prison.

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