Call of Duty: Black Ops III – E3 2015 Multiplayer Reveal Trailer | PS4

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: expands the possibilities of Multiplayer. The new movement system allows players to fluidly chain movements together while playing in maps that have been designed from the ground-up to push strong head-to-head action. Choose to play as one of nine new Specialists, each with their own look, personality, abilities, and level progression system. Finally, equip up to six attachments while customizing nearly every aspect of your loadout with the new Gunsmith, then tap the power of the Weapon Paint Shop to give your weapon a signature look.
(PS3 platform version features and performance may vary compared to other platform versions.)
See you on November 6, the new Black Friday.
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  1. Pointlessparodys

    +hockeygame35 Looks like black ops 2 mixed with Titanfall, which is a great
    combination IMO

  2. Thanks 🙂

  3. It’s only 3 years. What are you, 5?

  4. Valentino Troller

    +Typical Blaze Yelawolf – Till It’s Gone

  5. They should make an American Civil War CoD game, with a trench warfare
    themed multiplayer set in huge, open battlescapes. Now *that* would grab my
    attention, and maybe even my money.

  6. +WariBanaArt They do. And they have a ton of it.

  7. I wish Call of Duty would make another game that’s set in WWI or WWII. The
    old Call of Duty games were awesome

  8. No hinting at zombies??!

  9. Yelawolf-till it’s gone. Treyarch made a remix of the original version

  10. TheMinecraftJarhead

    +scavenger2580 I League of Legends Gameplays It’s probably going to get a
    crappy port that can’t get a steady fps going D:

  11. +Michael Castro lol your a dumbass ps4 get no old CoD games because there
    bad 🙂 Cheap Console!

  12. I think its Beenox (Spiderman developers) but Im not sure.

  13. Is there a link to the music for this video? I know its Yelawolf – Till
    it’s gone, but I like this remixed version of it and wanna know if its
    somewhere out there, or if treyarch remixed it themselves.

  14. The jump system is different you don’t just boost in the air it only allows
    short burst for air control and short jumps not huge boosts shooting you
    100 ft in the air

  15. +DIZZYrAbItZ The community isn’t asking for just any Modern Warfare. They
    are asking for the Greatest CoD of All Time to be remade, MW2. I really
    aint trippin anymore cause I can’t play for more than hour now cause its
    just boring and I don’t feel it anymore and I don’t have the time anymore
    so even if there was a MW2 remake, I would barely play it even though its
    the greatest of all time.

  16. +23dlc CoD was never really about real warfare, CoD is an arcade twitch
    shooter designed for competitive play rather than authenticity. There are
    other war sims out there like ARMA, if you want your fix.

  17. +CJ-Productions Sure

  18. Nathaniel Snodgrass

    At least the majority of the little kids have grown up. That’s a relief. ;)

    • Yeah but we’re still going to find eight to nine year-olds crying because
      they die every time.

      You know what I find hilarious? I’ve seen some people that inform me that
      they are overpowered at Call of Duty. Like, I’ve seen a guy named “PRO
      WARNING!!!” or a guy has told me that he has never lost a game. I am
      nowhere close to being the best COD player, and I owned them no problem.

  19. Okay infinity ward, you haven’t made a futuristic cod game ever. Please
    don’t fail us again, save cod!

  20. Brandon Corrigan

    +SR Ghost And a mw2 would be just like mw2, and bo1 would be bo1. A remake
    is a remake. that makes no sense. they would just polish the graphics and
    fix major issues

  21. +lol To me, BO2 is. To the community, Ghosts and AW are. I understand if
    you say AW and Ghosts are worse.

  22. Black Ops 2 was not perfect by any means. Way too many kill streaks cheesy
    unrealistic devices, and still quick scoping. Been around guns all my life,
    and know what would happen if someone actually tried quick scoping with
    those powerful rifles in real life.

  23. I think its time everyone drops cod and plays battlefield 

  24. +I AM NOT DEAD In 2015, they’re the best of the 3 but they are still trash

  25. +courley cutler It would just be a new melee weapon. Not like we’re
    dressing zombies up in tutu’s…

  26. Y are u guys like this your acting like u can make a better game, for those
    of u that say “i can” i bet u would only but 5 guns then just copy off
    other games and your maps would suck. Its not easy making games ok
    especially for the graphics they have a good chance of being pixals then
    this game. If u guys hate this game (even tho u haven’t played it) then
    just play your littlest pet shop and stop commenting on videos just click
    thumbs down and leave they don’t need your complaints.

  27. Everyone thats complaining about this being aw 2 or titanfall 2. Have you
    ever thought how their trying to bring out new things in the call of duty
    franchise so that every year we’re not stuck with the exact same game but
    different weapons. Just accept their making and effort to bring out
    something thats new and isnt what we were stuck with for years on end

  28. +CJ-Productions fallout 4 man

  29. Did anyone notice the usernames

  30. +TheMinecraftJarhead Well we all have opinions but some are just stupid and
    laughable like Isac Wileys up there. Yours is understandable even though
    they don’t come close haha.

  31. +TheSourcerer99 You can actually. Its not like you’re actually touching it.
    You’re looking at a game and seeing what is wrong and right about it. If
    you really say BO3 has a new feel and life to it then you’re just trying
    way to hard for another good CoD since the last 3 have been trash.

  32. well,they didn’t change anything (agian) it looks like they just took cod
    AW and cod BO2 then ajusted a few things. But im fine with that those were
    my two favorite cod so whatever.

  33. This will be awesome. But it doesn’t have the Black Ops feel.

  34. I typed Call of Duty 🙁

    Instead I got a baby from AW and Titanfall

  35. Anyone know the song they used for this Trailer?

  36. +Joao Alves Viana serio isso sorte que nao vai ter bf5 jogo ta futurista
    igual aw aw2 esse ai melhor jogo de tiro do ano ? ahshashahshashas sonha

  37. +Akatsuki Pain It was. Its #3 on my list as the best which is sad. It was a
    solid game but boring. That was the game that proved MW2 is perfect cause
    the community asked for all the “issues” on MW2 to be removed and that
    would make it perfect. MW3 was exactly MW2 with the “issues” removed and
    the community called it boring. It was boring cause I said MW2 was perfect
    and had no issues. So MW3 is the game the people asked and said it was
    boring which is why MW2 is perfect and no one can say otherwise due to MW3.
    But MW3 did introduce one of the top 5 greatest game modes ever, Infected.
    That game mode is so much fun and the one in Ghosts sucks. MW3 Infected was
    amazing and I thought Face-off was awesome too. Tiny maps with 3v3, it was
    great. Those were the only amazing things in the game, everything else was
    just ehh. It was solid, you had your moments and fun sometimes but most of
    the time it was just boring.

  38. R.J dєvilsblυєs

    +CJ-Productions Did… did you just say MW3 was “solid”

    I HATED that game.

    It’s almost like people can have different opinions about things… whoa
    Me= mind blown

  39. +CJ-Productions YOUR TRASH BO2 is a well balanced game. So for you to say
    its trash is because your bad at the game

  40. Thx M8

  41. HA HA YESSS Exploding Bodies Now those are gona be interesting kill cams.
    Lol and teleporting thats gona be a new excuse. but mutliplayer looks
    really nice people are just doubting it but wait until it comes out.

  42. Pedro Pangelinan

    You guys keep saying it looks like advanced warfare what if they made it
    WW2 game…it will look like WW1 but better graphics so everyone STFU.

  43. This video doesn’t even pretend to be a real multiplayer video hahaha.
    Look at them, no one takes cover, they just standing there being foolish
    and missing every shot so the main player could demonstrate the game.
    This footage is so unreal, it will never ever ever be like this when you
    are online. :D

  44. Anihlator = Golden Gun.. The smash dude does at beginning = Titan Smash..
    The bow she pulls out = Shadow shot.. Nice steals there treyarch..

  45. Hey Guys I Will Gameshare GTAV,Call Of Duty Advance Warfare,NBA 2k15,Madden
    NFL 15,Mortal Kombat X,FIFA 15 For Black Ops 3 Download Add Me At
    DogChainLegit Only PS4:)

  46. +Luis Trujillo Butthurt?

  47. You are not 34 if calling someone a “Virgin” is an insult the. You are
    definitely 10

  48. Did anyone see that you can play as menandez from bo2?

  49. R. I. P. Call of duty. Officially this is the end :(

  50. This is the equivalent of saying humans are animals.

  51. Whoa calm down…just saying

  52. Dude, the game is called Call Of Duty: MODERN Warfare… Filled with modern
    stuff not futuristic stuff lol

  53. Matthew Hernandez

    Im just saying that for some peoples favorite CoD is not CoD4 or MW2

  54. Matthew Hernandez

    Me too

  55. Masked Vigilantes

    Looks like I’m still keeping my Xbox One.

  56. Two words: Advanced Warfare

  57. Captiankirk games

    Ghost 2 infinty ward will save cod from getting any more futuristic stuff
    ghost 2 will have no stuff from aw or b03

  58. Numskull The Genius

    I gotta say the music is DOPE

  59. I’ll play destiny if I want to fly around and shoot stuff, ever since MW
    series it did nothing but get worse. Keep halo…halo, but give us back our
    cod we all fell in love with. Waw, mw, and black ops1.

  60. es una mierda.

  61. we need zombie beta

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