Call Of Cthulhu – Lovecraft It Or Hatecraft It (Jimpressions)

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*NOTE: According to comments, the Shambler fight isn’t trial and error. There are clues hidden during the encounter. Still BS in my opinion, since it’s not very intuitive and leads to one thinking it’s trial and error. But it’s a bit better.

Cyanide’s back and it’s brought a Call of Cthulhu game based on the old pen n’ paper tabletop RPG. Walk around, investigate things, sometimes hide from stuff, and guess that you need one of several daggers to slash a painting to stop a monster.

It’s an odd little one, this. Getting a mixed reception, but I personally dug it.

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  1. Lovecraft is a horror GOD.

  2. HBW larp experimentation

    Platnumed it in 2 days.

    Loved it to bits, but i am biased as i love the mythos and existential horror.

  3. I said this in other videos involving this game, and I’ll say it here. This is a solid example of what I call a Triple-B Game. If you don’t know what I mean, companies like Focus interactive are more low budget publishers, they do seem to have budgets that are above most indie developers, but not as big as allot of Triple-A companies (Basically a Triple-B Game is my game equivalent to a B-Movie). So we end up getting these games that try and closely match Triple-A level in terms of graphics and such, but at the same time it makes the areas that didn’t get the most out of the budget much more noticeable, such as the animations, and clunky gameplay. I can say I’ve enjoy most of the game, but it does have some problems which Jim mention, but overall I have no regrets buying this game over something like Red Dead 2, companies like Focus Interactive are some of the few third-party companies that at least try niche game ideas and don’t tend to follow triple-A companies scummy business practices and I’m happy to support them from time to time.

  4. Now for a more serious message.

    Hi Jim
    I love what you do, and everything you do.
    I’m going through a very hard time right now, and there’s a lot of uncertainty in my life.
    Seeing somebody like you doing what they love and having a great time doing it is a wonderfully inspiration that I may do that some day.

    Keep it up, you’re great.

  5. 0/10, main character didn’t pull out a mini-gun and kill Cthulhu while heavy metal plays in the background.

  6. Hey Jim, you should play Return of the Obra Dinn (For different take on piecing together of information)

  7. “Isn’t there any combat?!” – Said by people who know nothing about the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game and/or the Cthulhu mythos.

  8. Snowman Saves Eorzea

    1:10 Characters you have never seen show up as black silhouettes in visions. If you are referring to what the family looks like in the dinner scene shown at this point in the video, your character was given a picture of the family before leaving his office.

  9. Is this one of those games where the protagonist goes: “You see this cheese on the floor? It’s a 1935 vintage Emmental made in the Swiss Alps from one of the goats of the Elder Gods. There’s only one store in the United States that serves this kind of cheese. I know because my grandfather was a big cheese enthusiast. By following this cheese we will find out who bought it from the preserved records of Emmental orderings. Well, Jimmy, looks like this case *puts on sunglasses indoors like an asshole* is cheesy.” YEAAAAH PAH PAH YEAAAH PAH PAH PADADAPANAH PAH PAH YEEEAAAH

  10. Cleisthenes and Pericles

    I’m just going to wait for call of cthulhn: modern warfare. Can’t quick scope in this one.

  11. I honestly thought you would shit on this game. I thought it was alright for what it is.

  12. The Shambler is not trial an error… Before using the painting you can see all the daggers and in the back of the painting theres a note with wich dagger is it you need. There are also clues before in notes, in the house etc that point towards the Shambler being unbeatable and having to cut the painting.

  13. Wait, HP Lovecraft was a racist?

    Never knew that.

  14. Just a heads up regarding the boss fight – it’s not actually trial and error:

    1. If you inspect the painting during the encounter, it actually tells you that destroying the painting will banish the monster
    2. On the floor right next to the painting is a scrap of paper. If you inspect it, it has a picture of the dagger that you need to use.
    3. From there, you need to examine (not smash) each glass case until you find the dagger int he picture.
    4. Smash, grab, sprint to painting. Boss fight over.

  15. The shoggoths did nothing wrong. The Elder Things were the architects of their downfall.

  16. Batman Arkham Origins had the crime scene recreation thing and simply portrayed people whose identities and features were unknown as featureless digital mannequins.

  17. Fun fact Lovecraft renounced a lot of his racist views towards the end of his life.
    Dying as just a standard run-of-the-mill 1930’s racist.

  18. I feel like people that just *have* to mention Lovecraft was a racist are incapable of separating a creator from their work. Yes the racist elements are present in his works (such as the infamously named black cat in The Rats in the Walls) but that wasn’t their purpose. Lovecraft wrote stories to give people a then unique sense of dread, especially of things seemingly incomprehensible, not to instill a dislike of people or cultures he didn’t understand.

  19. Ah, good old Call of Cthulhu roleplaying. The tabletop rpg where the characters are more expendable than underwear. The game where the best course of action would probably be to NOT investigate, ever. Hear a strange noise? Immediately run in the opposite direction, move to another country and never look back! Found a book? Whatever you do, do not read it! The game where the best use of a gun is most likely to blow your own brains out to avoid a fate much worse than death. The game where thinking, studying and learning things is really just a quick way towards a straightjacket and a padded cell.
    I doubt it will ever lend itself well to videogames.

  20. NOTE: According to comments, the Shambler fight isn’t trial and error. There are clues hidden during the encounter. Still BS in my opinion, since it’s not very intuitive and leads to one (it’s led quite a few) thinking it’s trial and error. But it’s a bit better.

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