CAAApitalism: The Successful Failure Of Videogames (The Jimquisition)

Videogame publishers are greedy, exploitative predators for which no amount of money will ever be enough. While we know and loathe this, it is also by design that they are the way they are.

Layoffs, cutbacks, excessive monetization, it’s all part of a system built on unsustainable, short-sighted growth. Now we’re in the endgame, where we find out there IS no endgame.

But let’s start with Buzzfeed…


  1. A few days ago, I watched a video that touched on this subject, and I jokingly replied “Eat the rich.”

    Then someone got pissed at me for “advocating the genocide of 70 million people.”

    And like… It was obviously a joke, compounded by the fact that the actual serious commentary on my reply was instead based off taxing the rich.

    Nevermind that the video we were commenting on highlighted how awful this all is to the employees getting laid off. The angry commenter didn’t bother sharing any empathy for them, only for the oh so poor millionaires and billionaires that I was _so mean_ to.

    Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah.

    *_EAT THE RICH_*

  2. But if we do anything then -Vuvuzela- -Volvo- -Vegeta- Venezuela instantly happens according to *_checks notes_* corporate news, corporate backed politicians/pundits, corporate lobbyists, CEOs and the rich. Clearly no financial incentive or issue with capitalism here.

  3. The thing some people fail to notice about these kinds of things (but Jim does mention, thank God for him) is how most humans, naturally, are unable to properly empathise with things they have no experience with in practice or theory. We often base our decisions on either our personal experiences or how we’ve been told things should be done by those around us.
    That’s why these massive companies have their top take the most, their investors demand more and their workforce either starving, being exploited, abused, fired or a combination of those things. Because the top brass does not know any life beside their own. They know nothing but their own, rich lifestyles and care only for maintaining and building that up further. They do not live like the lower-class or middle-class people that they use to keep themselves so comfortable because they are (almost) never among them.
    They don’t, to use a cliché, hang out by the watercooler for the gossip. They don’t befriend those who work for them to the point of caring for their situation. They can’t imagine a life where they’d need to scrape by and add more working hours to be able to pay for food or housing because for them, the option of being out on the street and starving isn’t even in the picture. They don’t know about the feeling of losing roughly half (or more) of your income to taxes, because all they know of taxes is how to avoid paying them.
    They are completely and utterly detached from reality, living in a cloud of existance where people make millions at the least. So they’ll make their decisions based on whatever experiences they might’ve had decades in the past, when the world was far different, and what they are told by other people just below their paygrade who fear losing their fat stacks of money too much to voice unpopular opinions.

  4. Jim Sterling for best gateway to anticapitalist socioeconomical analysis.

  5. Come on, Jim, don’t you feel at least *a little bit* bad that the CEOs and CFOs might have to take out a loan on their next Yacht instead of paying cash for it? :'(

  6. More like CRAPitalism. Am I right?

  7. Me selling my sons to the local oil baron for 3 bitcoins because I can’t afford hospitals: “Thank you free market!”

  8. The problem with the video game industry is the same problem with the the economy in general. Debt spending has allowed bad companies to borrow their way out of trouble. The customer no longer has any sway, venture capitalists now decide which companies get money.

  9. Did you just use the C-word? *And* criticized it?
    You do realize McCarthyists are still a thing, right?
    Thank God for you, but brace for the morons.

  10. “I told you, bro” – Karl Marx

  11. Jim, these are features of Caaapitalism, not glitches.

  12. Jim Sterling go on chapo

    This is the best jimquisition in some time and has completely made my day.

  13. Iwata was too good for this world.

  14. Infinite growth in a finite system is the philosophy of a cancer cell.

  15. ceo’s get paid more each year maybe the owners or investors should cut those salaries instead of cutting good employees

  16. When a company starts selling red dots you know horrible things are going to happen.

  17. soon there will be the dark age of capitalism. Because the stupidity of the industries is destroying the planets ressources in a rapid speed.

  18. The market isn’t really ‘free’ without proper regulations. This is why people who talk about ‘capitalism’ vs ‘socialism’ can’t get anywhere in their arguments with each other; it’s a totally false dichotomy. What everyone wants is a well-regulated free economy where productivity is rewarded, efficiency is maximized, corruption and exploitation are minimized, and everyone is provided with equal opportunity regardless of their circumstances at birth (which would in turn of course serve the goal of maximizing efficiency and productivity). An unregulated market isn’t really free, because obviously people will abuse power and wealth to exploit the weak, corruption sets in rapidly, and everyone except those who happened to get to the top first loses badly. Likewise, a totally centrally controlled economy breeds corruption and inefficiency and exploitation just as quickly and just as bad. It’s so obvious that there is a best possible middle ground but people are so caught up in burning down ideological strawmen that the arguments over the exact right middle ground are lost by both sides before they’ve begun because people feel obligated to defend a position that makes no sense simply because they feel attacked by the other side. We won’t get anywhere until we reject the false dichotomy of capitalism vs socialism and the false strawmen that people who want free markets are in favor of regulatory capture and corruption (which is the opposite of a free market) or that people who want equality of opportunity want to ‘eat the rich’ or go full communist totalitarianism (which is the opposite of maximizing opportunities for all)

    Capitalism is simply a type of market, this doesn’t mean it can’t be regulated to fuck to make sure everyone is playing fair. Penalties need to be crippling, exponentially higher than being able to be written off as an operating cost. I don’t agree with all the Gen Z kids starting to look towards forms of communism and anarchy (Mostly simply because they’re usually ignorant), but you know WHY they’re doing that? Because current American capitalism is not giving them a better choice.

  19. This is why unions are important

  20. Sure, we ruined the environment. But for one glorious moment our stock options looked amazing.

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