C9 vs. TSM – Week 8 Day 2 | NA LCS Spring Split | Cloud9 vs. TSM(2018)

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VOD of Cloud9 vs. TSM
Week 8 #NALCS

Watch all matches of the split here from all of our leagues: NA LCS, LCS, LCK Champions Korea, LPL.
You can always learn more and view the full schedule at http://www.lolesports.com.


  1. great, another year of TSM on top of NA and NA on bottom of worlds

  2. Svenskeren is a waste of an import spot

  3. Finally Zven didn’t play ezreal this game

  4. Where all my Clown9 soy boys at?

    TSM MVP: Svenskaren

    Bjergsen > Jensen

  5. im just happy that Zven played something other than ezreal

  6. Wow Bjergsen amazing stuns on Kha. Can we also give the person who is manning the camera for turning off Blue side vision in clutch moments? You are the true hero

  7. I am not a Tsm fan but Bjerg just showed America who’s the boss!!! rekt Jensen

  8. (Sven Fans) Sven on TSM: “Sven is not the problem. TSM just wants to make him a ward. Let him Counter-jungle” Sven on C9 “uhhhhhhhhhh”

  9. i just love bjersen play syndra everytime xd

  10. Lust boy at the end

  11. Mike “The Superstitious” Yeung

  12. I’m pretty unhappy with Smoothie’s Bliz, Why does he go for mithy every time?

  13. 31-7 Bjerg’s NA LCS record on Syndra.

  14. Is it just me or is svenskeren gaining weight again

  15. Bjergerking<3

  16. lul TsM iS wEaK iN 2018

  17. WTF C9 c’mon I was so hyped until that first baron from TSM I just wish you guys were more consistent during the splits

  18. That was such a great game. Brutal

  19. This game would’ve gone good if you don’t try to flex with a Khazix… Seriously, you’re not fighting bronzies or something, poor Sven was just a moving ward this game. Blitz I can kind of understand coming in, but at the pro level Khazix is the worst idea ever.

  20. Sebastián Pérez

    He always flies under the radar but Mithy is soo good

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