C9 vs. TSM – Week 5 Day 1 | NA LCS Spring Split | Cloud9 vs. TSM (2018)

VOD of Cloud9 vs. TSM
NA LCS Spring Split Week 5 2018 #

Cloud9 Lineup:
Licorice – Top Gnar
Svenskeren – Jungle Sejuani
Jensen – Mid Orianna
Sneaky – ADC Ezreal
Smoothie – Support Taric

TSM Lineup:
Hauntzer – Top Ornn
MikeYeung – Jungle Skarner
Bjergsen – Mid Taliyah
Zven – ADC Tristana
Mithy – Support Braum

Watch all matches of the split here from all of our leagues: NA LCS, EU LCS, LCK Korea, LPL.
can always learn more and view the full match schedule at http://www.lolesports.com.


  1. Gg happy for Sven!


  3. Mike is really bad in the teamfights…

  4. Bjerg mvp again for sure

  5. where are my freesm fans


  7. Remember when tsm was good lol

  8. mikeyoung is trash why did they drop sven

  9. “We upgraded our jgler” TSM said

  10. I am pretty sure that after this game Riot lost a lot of viewers. They just can’t put Liquid, Tsm, c9 and Echo Fox in the first three matches! They should have scattered them throughout the night…

  11. TSM trying to def and Mithy just sitting in fountain lmao gj c9

  12. Holy u guys are disappointing.. change roaster instead of working on it.. see what u get I‘m happy for sven

  13. Bjergsen walked into that Trueshot Barrage. It looks like he would have been outside of the hitbox if he had continued recalling. It’s obviously a split second decision, and I’m not trying to dismiss his ability at all. I assume he is upset about that, though.

  14. TSM NEEDS jankos and soaz

  15. Why is Bjergsen carrying 1v5 every fight? Mike is inting, zven cant position himself and basically do no damage in fights

  16. Sven was the problem in TSM for sure!-
    I mean just look at it. Even after he is kicked, he STILL loses TSM their games.

  17. Just get Mike on a carry style jungler and he’ll be fine

  18. Thank God people finally acknowledge Sneaky’s greatness.

  19. Hehiihehiehieihehiehieihehi

    10 vision score OMEGALUL

    “what do you mean i have to ward when i have 4 moving pink wards”

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