BUNKER PUNKS – Early Access Needs More Of This

This is how it’s done.



  1. sick of the pandering of male youtubers that always pick the woman
    character. Yea we get it you ain’t sexist but why would you play a woman
    when you’re a man wheres the immersion there.

  2. “Oh god, I missed. I missed! I should actually learn how to hit things,

    -Jim Sterling’s game play style in a nutshell.

  3. your sensitivity is sooo fucking high. i bet you even have acceleration on.
    no wonder you cant hit things

  4. 2 minutes, looks terrible. Cya.

  5. Seems pretty good game play wise, could use a bit more variety in terms of
    aesthetics. It looks a little bland. But all in all that’s a nice little
    bundle of potential we got.

  6. Highly recommend “Rogue Shooter: The FPS Roguelike” – similar to this game,
    but complete and dead cheap on Steam.

  7. This game looks like it could be pretty fun, but they REALLY need to slow
    things down.

  8. GalaxyStranger01

    This game feels very Doom.

  9. A well made, unique, graphically distinct game on early access? April
    Fool’s was 5 days ago, Jim.

  10. So Jim, when you starting your CS:GO career? :P

  11. Interesting game Jim Jim

  12. TobiasWhisperwind

    Lucio got an update

  13. The art style makes me think of Megaman Legends. Very cool.

  14. My god are you playing that on a win 95 os? lol

  15. Escape From Castle Wolfenstein – MineCraft edition – includes elements from
    Basement !

  16. What does the “tech parts” do?

  17. TeamInfiniteGaming

    So it’s basically Doom? With 21st century Graphics?

  18. Jimmy Warmenhoven

    so fallout shelter with doom?
    count me in

  19. Did you ever do a 300,000 subscriber special?

  20. Gameplay is interesting, but I’m fuckin tired as hell with this lazy “it’s
    retro” look, it’s lazy and so overdone now.

  21. … what does roguelike even mean?

  22. wow, this seems like … you know, the word that no one likes to use.

    F. U. N. !!!

  23. Ya know.. it doesn’t appeal to me visually, at all. Which is a shame,
    because I’ve played Doom 2 for about 200 hours, easy, and that’s just my
    Steam hours. I dunno.. I don’t get the obsession with the rogue-lite genre;
    like, with this game, the core gameplay loop of basically being a Doom
    clone looks sort of tedious to me. I probably wouldn’t enjoy it all that

    Still, at least Jim got to have fun for a bit!

  24. Is it just me or is some of that title screen art lifted straight out of
    Shadowrun Returns?

  25. Reminds me of Megaman Legends, well, the aesthetic anyway.

  26. I miss your daily videos, Jim ;______;

  27. Take Doom and make it roguelike. These guys understood where the money
    If they can advertise their product well (and you’re doing a good job at
    that Jim), this is gonna e a blockbuster.
    Moreso since it’s well made.

  28. This actually looks like quite an addictive game.

  29. SaintAlia_of_the_Games

    Still struggling to see the ‘great’ in this game. All I’m seeing is a
    fairly generic repetitive shooter with a cute artstyle with some rogue-like
    elements built in. Those base expansion features must be top-notch or the
    gameplay and enemy types and encounters and locations must get lots more
    variation later or something.

  30. its doom… am I missing something?

  31. Very promising for an early access game.

    I imagine with more variety in weapons, pick ups and enemies the game would
    be very fun. Maybe throw in some boss type enemy at the end of each level.

  32. TheChainedFalcon

    I found this game to be quite easy when you use the shotgun. Had no problem
    until I reached half way into the map, started a raid, elevator doors
    opened and had two rocket turrets and two big beefy robots practically
    blocking the door. Still bloody enjoyable though.

  33. Littlegraycells28

    Needs some random events, more weapons, and some more interesting rooms,
    other than that looks really good.

  34. is it just me that thinks this looks a bit like doom?

  35. I hope this game is successful enough to get completed, because it’s SO
    going on my wishlist.

  36. Looks like more action-oriented This War of Mine.

  37. The radio guy in the trailers reminds me so much of Three-Dog, I wouldn’t
    be surprised if it was him

  38. 14:50 “It’s like 1984, but with guns” ~IGN

  39. Reminds me a lot of Paranautical Activity thou it looks a bit better and
    seems better designed.

  40. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Did Jim just do a game I actually Reviewed? SENPAI!!!! *YAYS!* I would
    offer a hug but Jim doesn’t seem like the kind to take hugs.

  41. NinjaWithCheeseProd

    we re the yagalahai

  42. I remember following this game a year or so back and then forgetting about
    it. Glad to see its actually good. I am also surprised to see that no one
    has compared the art style to My Chemical Romance’s Danger Days

  43. Doom? Is that you??

  44. KryptixTV (Road to 100+ Subscribers)

    Doom styled graphics
    Deus Ex styled world
    X-Com styled base building

    Awesome combo to be honest.

  45. Looks more pixelated than Wolfenstein 3D. As someone who’s sunk thousands
    of hours into Doom, I find this pixel aesthetic to be too intense. If it’s
    refined enough, I’d consider it upon final release.

  46. All I can Jim is “Be Better”.

  47. Its like SkyNet and Sheltered had a baby during a time travel miss hap.
    Bloody brilliant game

  48. Martynas Želvys

    Pixelated 3d graphics, three guns, three enemy types. That’s like straight
    tripple A game, in a bad kind of way….

  49. Vaniglia Carogna

    Hey Jim, you should give Darkwood a go
    http://store.steampowered.com/app/274520/ it looks promising

  50. Reminds me of Spooky’s house of jump scares (I think that was the title)

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