Building VR in VR with Unreal Engine 4 – Early Preview

’ Tim Sweeney and Mike Fricker give a first glimpse of VR content creation using the first VR Editor for a game engine. Using the Editor in VR mode developers can create content in VR using the HTC Vive and Oculus motion controls. Check out for more information, and watch on March 16 for release details.


  1. as a Dev working with UE4 this would be extremely painful, slow, and
    honestly useless. There are so many dialogs, windows, lists, techy stuff,
    console commands within the engine, let alone interaction with other
    programs like photoshop, 3d max, notepad etc… and things that are not in
    the viewport they show off here that I cannot even possibly begin to
    imagine how painful would be to work with in VR. Let alone the fact that
    working in a game engine means you will be stuck in there for hours and
    hours and seriously imagine the headache after 4 hours of doing this. I
    love Unreal, but this is honestly just tech demo wankery.

  2. Darius Gabriel Black

    Amaze ballz bros

  3. aaaaaaaaaah! fantastic!

  4. Only HATEFUL SPOILED idiots can dislike this kind of technological growth.
    We are able to experience full 3D integration in our lifetime and we are
    pioneering the future games and you dumbasses are complaining… *IDIOTS*

  5. Again, ue4 in a leadership position in VR. And yes, this is the future for
    easier VR development.

    Developing for VR usually involves taking on and off the headset to do
    level edits and playtest. Now you can be inside the virtual world with an
    immediate feeling for its design. For those of you thinking this just a
    gimmick, just wait and see.

  6. seems to need a little smoothing of that dragging objects so they don’t
    jitter (especially the floating ui)

  7. This looks so cool!

    I wonder how much the whole setup costs?

  8. I was torn between learning Unity and UE – leaning toward Unity…but this
    – this is my game changer (literally!). I’m now fully on the UE fence and
    will tinker with Unity on the side. This is absolutely phenomenal.

    I’m coming from a Second Life/Open Sim arena where I’m used to being “in
    world” building things so the external editors were a lot harder for me to
    learn because I’m still used to in world building. This right here is what
    I’ve been waiting on for years! I know SL/OS builders try to build things
    to import into Unity/UE which they can still do using OpenSim. It’s way
    easier than traditional mesh building platforms, and it’s low poly. With
    the baked texturing, objects built this way import nicely into Unity/UE and
    only need scaling and a little polishing up.

    But to be able to create the world while being in that world is unique to
    SL/OS but the problem is the heavy load as everything rezzes real time. And
    the ridiculous lag with more users on board. I see this UE is working on to
    be a bridge for OS users to move fully into the UE/Unity arena for lighter
    game weights and multi player usability…and hopefully a multi user
    cooperative building platform. If one can go into the game world and
    create/build, why not more? And if that can happen, why not a more
    proficient use of metaverse usability?

    I would love it if we replaced 2d web with 3d web and instead of websites
    and web pages we had 3d web environments people can port into and
    explore…still get news and content – like media centers with news and
    reports, live streaming…media and music and art…all in 3d space.

    This is a step in that direction. I friggin LOVE VR!

    I’m now settled that Unreal is the engine of choice to start heavy lifting
    learning with.

  9. I like to scrutinise my assets when I’m checking them out in engine so this
    would be really dam good for it (I missed a bunch of problems I now have to
    do fixes for and update them with). Also people are gonna be so jealous of
    level designers in future

  10. Now I want to code Blueprints with VR, dragging nodes on the sky while in a
    boat in the middle of the ocean.

  11. I can’t tell you how bad I want this !

  12. Ryan “Stingy” Forghani

    this is a genius idea. creating games that are enjoyable in vr is much
    easier to understand when you are working in vr

  13. This is a game changer for architects!!

  14. This is incredibly neat but I’d imagine that it would also be somewhat

  15. HOLY BALLS!! This is what I’ve been waiting for my entire life…

    Now to save up for a VR system, and a license. :-

  16. This is selling me both unreal over unity and vive over oculus. I’ve been
    working on gearvr stuff in unity, and let me tell you, the most annoying
    part of making a vr game is how many 1000s of times you have to take off
    and put on the headset. Even if I only use this mode when editing details
    of a scene, it will save so much time. But I see benefits to editing the
    scene like this even for games not made in VR. It just makes so much sense
    to do the building of a 3d scene with 3d visuals, and 3d input technology.

    This is the future.

  17. This is legos for adults

  18. What major advantages does this have, if any over world-building using
    traditional methods? This shit looks fucking cool.

  19. This would be best for natural environments such as ruins and landscape.
    Things such as well-positioned modern structures would not be good in this

  20. Константин Жидков

    Building levels with lightsabers is awesome!!

  21. Oh Lewd Productions

    What about Oculus Rift support?

  22. Kind of a next gen level editor for games… snapmap (doom) on steroids!!!

  23. reminds me of dreams

  24. TwoPointOProductions

    People will do crazy things when this gets mainstream, and other people
    will be able to visit the space. so cool.

  25. this is sooo freakin cool i want it

  26. plz we want tool to make 360 videos in unreal engine !!

  27. So, Dreams?

  28. The tech is awesome, but people are lazy and like to play games on the
    couch. This looks like Wii in 3D.

  29. Too shaky. Need to use the touch pads on the controllers for fine tune
    position / stretching. You can tell the demo guys is purposely moving
    things around constantly because he doesn’t want to let the shake show
    through. This has a lot of potential though, but they need to just use the
    controllers for selection only and perhaps large movements.

    The workflow I might use for this is to do a rough build of the scene and
    then go through it again with keyboard/mouse and the xyz viewing to clean
    it up.

  30. Holy shit this gets me hard…

  31. Christian Steinlein

    Man that is so cool.

  32. this is very cool and very useful. It will provide a more realistic sense
    of the map while the developers are creating the map, and it can also speed
    up the creation of the map itself.

  33. it’s like a shit copy of Media Molecule’s Dreams

  34. Why would people dislike this video?

  35. This is Unreal…

  36. It looks like the scaling/moving/rotating needs to have some kind of
    threshhold to prevent the jittering due to the inexactness of the motion
    controls. Great job nevertheless!

  37. Una mierda

  38. Orthographic views… I miss you already.

  39. Epic than ever before:)

  40. so when i can i play VR minecraft

  41. not a bad way to get some exercise while doing your “desk job” , that about
    sums up the practicality of this – waaaaay to much movement to get stuff
    done, and lack of shortcuts

  42. It’d be cool if you walked around as a character in VR, in a more or less
    God Mode editing fashion, as close to WYSIWYG as possible.

  43. You are real heroes for Humanity.

  44. Make ability to change pivot point on objects and flip normal on imported
    geometry. As I know it is still people do it in external applications. Make
    various 3D noise textures inside material editor, *Make native (not from
    custom) elementary BLUR node for textures* . Make loop node in material
    editor. Make reroute node in material editor. Improve importing speed for
    heavy geometry…….. Before building feature, it is would be good to
    build more solid present.

  45. This looks like Gears of War.

  46. INB4 Inception jokes.

  47. yea but can you make a VR word in a VR world while using VR? or is that too
    deep to return?

  48. Илья Люкиш

    But mouse is the best tool

  49. *Starts salivating* I’m already buying an oculus rift for the games, this
    is going to be AMAZING to do as a side project! Unreal editor is free to
    use for anyone releasing games for free etc now right?

  50. Looks like trash.

  51. I wanted to like this video, but it already had 1337 likes at the time, and
    I didn’t wanna mess up that number, so I instead wrote this comment to tell
    this looks sweet!

  52. I’m very excited about VR but this is just plain stupid!! Imagine creating
    3D characters, assets, levels, etc. for 8 to 12 hours a day walking around
    and moving your hands like that. It just isn’t practical or productive.

  53. Amazing.

  54. I love it, UE4 is getting closer and closer to real life, great work guys
    this will overcome the limitations of mouse and keyboard, only thing left
    is manufacturers to create standards for VR, or maybe IEEE should create

  55. Next evolution for the Wii?

  56. Can you model or is this just for object placement?

  57. impressive. OCD people would die playing games created this way

  58. This makes me wonder what kind of impact this technology might have on
    fields like animation. This could practically allow us to animate like when
    we do stop-motion in real life, which is otherwise difficult to pull off
    using traditional input methods.

  59. This is fantastic. But please don’t half-ass this amazing tech; get rid of
    those controllers. I want to use my hands. Or at least an extremely close
    illusion that makes me feel like my hands are in the virtual world and not
    actually holding some bulky controllers.

  60. soo unproductive

  61. To time consuming for the pace of game development. Would rather see this
    in a more practical use that could further man kind and innovate other
    areas. Digital surgery, architecture, etc..

  62. I actually think they’re onto something much bigger than this. Imagine
    coming home from a stressful day of work or school, you take off your
    shoes, lossen your tie and put on a VR. You’re able to create this world of
    your very own where you can escape reality and live in your own utopia. And
    with online capabilities you can choose who you would like to invite into
    your own little world or build one together with friends or family. Of
    course the in game tools and the controller need to have better handling
    than what is presented and with where computers are going, having a beast
    PC will be more affordable in the future you could possibly build a whole
    planet size world.

  63. A new word in level design, Kappa

  64. Please tell me I’ll be able to use my DK2 & Hydra controllers for this.

  65. Absolutely amazing. Terrific work gentlemen. Truly impressive.

  66. This seems like a recipe for motion sickness.

  67. all epicness beside. devs will nit use this because its too fancy and u
    cant controll it. much faster with a mouse. this is just playing around to
    me. looks great but no benefit for building production ready assets or
    anything else.

  68. Looking like a Jackass in 4K

  69. Inception jokes I’m sure

  70. Dan Thompson Thompson

    What a waste of time and money. This will never work in a studio scenario.
    Nobody wants to wear something extra on their head for 10 hours day. I
    really wish they would have spent their time better. Please fix the water,
    anything with wheels, and make it so I can rotate the player capsule when
    the player goes prone. I see its so cool that Tim had the VR mask on,,,
    yehhh righhhtttt

  71. looks fun ! can i give it a try ? :D

  72. goddamn , i can only get so erect XD

  73. Every time I feel like VR can’t get more awesome… it does.

  74. I’m switching careers …. level-design, here I come ! :)

  75. Looks too shaky and unprecise

  76. this is really amazing

  77. you need a stabilizer and a fisics while you do that inside the VR

  78. holy fuckballs!

  79. Sweeney you legend ;)

  80. Please chill with your vodoo bullshit

  81. That looks more painful to use than riding the entire Tour de France with
    two ruptured testicles…

  82. Accuracy RIP

  83. How they’re using the HTC Vive’s motion controlls reminds me of Media
    Molecule’s Dreams.

  84. This is just more hype for VR, who actually needs to be accurate when you
    have the steady hands of a Parkinson’s patient.. I can only see this as
    being useful for really rough work.

  85. aehm….

    level designer : fuck you boss i want my chair back :p
    boss: hahaha nope ;p
    coder: poor artists .))
    boss : wait next year you can code with vr too !!!!!
    coder . OMG

  86. My first editor was Doom Construction Kit. We’ve come quite a long
    way…wow…this is cool!

  87. Aswome ceo is awsome.

  88. As an Environment Artist for a game studio, I would never use this. You
    would be tired after 2 hours. There are ways to improve the process of
    level editing, but this is not it.

  89. Can I put my penis in it

  90. rather use my hands instead of an controllor

  91. Tiger Brown (Tech tiger)

    infinity blade 4?

  92. Anthony Fitzgibbon

    how can they make games inside glasses, is this real

  93. Makes my brain stem tickle.

    Still cool though! Love this direction.

  94. I love nerds

  95. Janno Sinclair BuzzBazz

    Wait… was this new?! I thought we HAD this already?! What the hell O_o?!

  96. I have got to hand it to Unreal Engine Developers Continuously at the
    forefront of technology.

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