Bugger Me, The Nintendo Switch Is Killing It (The Jimquisition)

Yours truly may have many negative things to say about , but there’s no denying the has had a phenomenal year.

Also, returns, and has something to say to .


  1. Its scary how much passion Jim has

  2. Good for Nintendo and people who like their games, but just not my cuppa tea. I don’t play handhelds because I can never get comfortable – it’s like my eyes and neck just can’t get the angle that allows me to play without being distracted by physical pain. I do have an oddly long, giraffe-like neck though.

    As for the ports of big games like LA Noire & Doom etc, well, yes they’re not bad, but you CAN definitely see visuals have taken a hit, like they’ve been smeared in vaseline or something, and since I don’t play “on the go” there’s no real incentive to get them over the ps4 version.

  3. I forget, why does Jim make fun of pro wrestling. Not judging it’s funny as hell, but why?

  4. I’m tempted to buy a Switch. Breath of the Wild is supposed to be really good and Mario Odyssey looks so fun.

  5. “Fuck Nintendo”. Thats fair enough. Won’t defend their shit. I mean, your opinions on the games all seem fair and have strong reasons behin-
    “And don’t get me started on Kid Icar” NOW THAT’S TOO FAR! (It was fun, not great, but FUN).

    Otherwise, Good episode Jim. It’s nice to have a breath of positivity after the last few months of gaming.

  6. Cala Maria Wants To Blow You!

    Will draw Switch dog porn for Nintendo Eshop Card Codes.

    Wanna buy me some Mario Odyssey, ya see?

  7. …wait, Jim doesn’t like Kid Icarus Uprising?

    I love that game 🙁

  8. So how much Nintendo paid You?

  9. i’m still clinging to my wii u

  10. To note how prominent I’ve seen the Switch become: I take the train into the city most days for uni, and I’ve seen men and women of all ages playing the Switch during their commute. College students, businesspeople, teachers, teenagers, it goes on. I know this is anecdotal evidence at best, but it has been truly fascinating to see how quickly the Switch has caught on.

  11. Meh, Nintendo’s success at making Conslows is a bad thing. The future of our art form should be on the platform that offers the best long term future. Backwards compatibility and modding is what is needed.

    So from my point of view, Switch doing well is a tragedy for gaming.
    *Note : My comment was never about graphics. The fact that Link (1st comment) misunderstood MODDING and BACKWARDS compatibility to mean graphics just shows that console gamers know fuck all.

  12. Stir Dust for Jerma Rumble 2018

  13. Kid Icarus is a good ass game ?

  14. Still, why would anyone buy a console when you could use a pc, other than maybe portability.

  15. Oh my god Jim has become such a fucking Nintendo fanboy here he is defending that piece of shite. Nintendo will go bankrupt next week because it’s such a failure.

  16. The worst console (power wise) has great games (not for me, I am not a Nintendo type game fan) and so sells well because games are what sells a machine not tech numbers.

  17. Switch is still 9/10 for me. Give it GameCube games on the virtual console and dark souls and it’ll be perfect. The switch DOES still have lootboxes though Jim in rocket league, not just NBA.

  18. Would it be possible for Jim to suck Ninty’s dick any harder?

  19. Ok I don’t know jim’s stance on Kid Icarus Uprising, but I think it’s one of the best Nintendo games ever made! It’s so fun!

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