Browns sign LeBron James to play QB | Madden NFL 17

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With Browns QB already on injured reserve, Cleveland needed to call in a favor to the hometown hero, , and see if he could play QB this week against the .

DISCLAIMER: Obviously this is just for fun and the difficulty settings were on Rookie, I made LeBron’s attributes 99 across the board, and I had to give everyone on the Browns an rating boost, but this could totally still happen! LOL


I do not own any of the footage used. This is strictly for entertainment purposes.

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  1. interesting

  2. Automatically becomes best QB in the NFL

  3. 98 points? Lebron must have thought he was still playing basketball.

  4. Was this set at all doggy doo doo difficulty?

  5. the hell? looks like a giant

  6. damn this game looks slow and soupy

  7. game speed: -30

  8. 5:09 you could drive a semi truck through that hole- and you still ran to
    the outside…

  9. The hell is he so slow for?
    I don’t think Gary Barndige is faster than Lebron. He would be faster than
    most people in the league. Especially TE

  10. I’m sure he played on rookie mode.

  11. Lebron cries whenever somebody touches him in basketball. He DEFINITELY
    doesn’t have the toughness to play football. Maybe he could be the kicker.

  12. lebron was a receiver in high school

  13. This makes the assumption that the Browns have an offensive line.

  14. Thumbs down 4 zoom camera. Git rekt.

  15. Lord I miss the 2K series…

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