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  1. Hello Brian
    Really great video but I disagree with you on the cost thing.

    The positive of the expansion is that the MEta is very good, and that to play top tier competitive decks you do NOT need to break the bank (Hunter, Priate Warrior).

    HOWEVER, the problem with the expansion is that the other good and FUN decks of are very expensive to construct and contain cards that you can only use in that deck.

    For example, I can not have fun and try out Quest rogue, or play a few games with Priest (with the legendaries), without spending HUGE amounts of my Dust, that may end up going into non competitive cards anyway.

    This impacts my play experience., and the cost of Epics in particular is ball breaking.

    And on a word on the Dust; you play enough Hearthstone to have all your cards gold. I bought 150 packs, have a large collection, and STILL can not play most of the decks.

    If they had given anyone a FREE QUEST, or maybe even TWO, then the community would have been much more satisfied, particularly if they could have DISCOVERED a Quest for themselves and so choose it.

    Remember also there were only four old gods, but NINE quests. It’s so many. I’d love to just TRY quest mage to pull off the fun combo, but I can’t. :-(.

    Love the content though.


  2. @bmkibler Also, don’t forget about the dust crafting cost. If you play a deck, it doesn’t consist purely of new cards, there are also old set cards in there, but to get those you need to split your gold / dust between pack types. In the initial release of Hearthstone this wasn’t an issue, as all cards came from a single pack. Nowadays, to get a deck, you need the newest set, some adventure cards, basic and classic cards as well as cards from previous sets (even in Standard). This means that the time it takes to complete a deck is much longer as you cannot get all cards you need from a single pack. This also increases the ‘cost’ of playing the game.

  3. very good analysis. Ungoro is the first expansion, I didnt buy. A reddit post comparing overwatch for 45EUR for a full game, compared to barely 20% for a Haerthstone expansion (that requires extra card from previous expansions), woke me up.
    it really did put the cost for hearthstone in perspective. (besides the increased pack cost in euros, inherent more expensive card expansions, more legendaries in this expansion and the requirement to have prev expansion cards aswell)

    ive done all daily quests for 2 years. which burned me out. i had to win games to complete quests. so i was net-decking, and i didnt play the deck i liked. with the introduction of the new quests(e.g. play 75 murlocs) it was for the first time in a long time that i had fun playing, trying to make stuff work. that was my highlight for ther game, in those 2 years.

  4. Hey, mister Brian Kibler 🙂
    The introduction of standard basically took away most people’s cards for ridiculously low dust value (we all know how little value you get for dusting stuff). And it is going to keep happening. There are more and more expansions in the game and for EACH of those expansions you need to pay 250$ to be able to play like your average streamer. And you know that those cards will become irrelevant in (on average) 1 and 2/3 of a year. In non-digital card games the cards you get have some value for which you can sell your cards.
    In hearthstone you just pump the money in and the things you buy with it dont have any real value. And blizzard isnt even trying to make the game more accessible. Why didnt they sell Maiev (a lot of people would happily buy her just like a lot of people buy ridiculously high-cost skins for counter-strike or league of legends) and give away more cards? Why aren’t they trying to make more fun skins etc? Look at HOTS 2 new release and just watch how much irrelevant (fun) stuff there you can buy for real money. AND they gave away like 1/4 of what really matters to have in the game (the champions) for free. Its basically as if in hearthstone people would get full classic set and another expansion.
    Also it is quite funny how you talk about blizzard giving away more free stuff and how they basically said they’ll probably do that with the single player campaigns. The idea with giving away some part of the flavour of the expansion (instead of packs) is a good idea, but I’ll laugh my ass off when people will say “Thanks Brian Kibler for making a rant and making blizzard give us free stuff!”.
    Also, people are starting to notice how much the game costs because they just stopped enjoying the game. mostly because the game becomes more and more crap and annoying.(for most people) Blizzard balances stuff around idiots who forget to play a quest when it costs 0 mana and introduces more and more rng. The ongoing dreamhack is the best way to see how the game is right now: quest warriors, murloc decks (which anyone who has played a full murloc deck before Ungoro knew how BrokeBack it was and they actually forced murloc to be viable…), Elise starseeker value in control games, etc., etc. We can also see in the murloc paladins how adapt introduces unfun rng moments. I know that making and balancing new cards is a tough job, but I honestly believe that there are people who are qualified to do this and I don’t think that there are those people in Team 5’s balancing crew.
    I wrote a bit too much since nobody will want to read this, but if someone got here thanks for reading. 😉

  5. That feeling when you get zero quest cards from your preorder, priceless.

  6. One Idea that came into my mind as i saw this video:

    What if Blizzard would have made little “tutorial” rounds at the start of the expansion, where you could try each quest out once/twice and at the end you could choose ONE and get it for free.

  7. And on top of that after opening 100+ packs you get 2-3 legendary duplicates,amazing experience of Un’Goro…..

  8. I know this will probably not be seen but I just want to post my point of view as a free-to-play player.

    I don’t play hearthstone a lot, honestly sometimes I go weeks without even turning it on, because I play it to relax rather than achieve something. Up until this expansion I could play both arena and ranked ladder when I do play, however after this expansion I feel like ranked is closed off for me. Even at rank 18 I see quest rogues and warriors, and considering I never had too many of those “op” cards even before the expansion, I don’t stand a slight chance. Before I could pretty much always use the same style of decks, however now if I que up and see a quest turn1… I’m screwed… And another thing which makes it even more infuriating… I haven’t gotten a single legendary from un’goro yet… And arena rewards are not rewarding at all either, for 9 wins all I got was 150 gold, a pack, 25dust and a bloody golden card…. So yeah I can definitelly tell that as a free player… hearthstone is getting harder and harder to play

  9. Blizzard gave out the golden Volcansaur and some other login rewards for players to experience the “adapt” mechanic, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the backlash.

  10. Just to clarify, the price of packs went UP for most people, the USA aren’t “most people”.

  11. It should just been one card. A neutral legendary that morphes into the class version at the start of the game. Instead of 9 different quest cards.

  12. Hearthstone needs to decide what it is and price accordingly. If they want to go in the direction of a traditional CCG, then the player’s collection needs to feel like it has “value.” I.e, I can buy magic cards and SW:D without feeling like I’ve wasted money, because I can sell those cards back to other people later on and recoup the cost I’ve put into them. OR, I can trade the cards I don’t want to other people, which means even when I open something with 0 value to myself, I can trade that to someone else who does value it. Trading opens a whole can of worms for HS so I’m not suggesting they do it, but at the moment they have a kind of cognitive dissonance where they want everything priced like a traditional CCG without giving their players all the benefits of one. The other way around this is to balance their economy inline with other f2p games so that people don’t feel like they’re being ripped off by sinking money into a digital, locked-to-your-account collection. Drip-feed the mechanics faster, rebalance the dust or gold economy, make rare cards more common etc. Value the player’s time and money, and they will keep spending it.

  13. It now costs me $94.50 (approx. with fees) Australian dollars to buy the 60 pack bundle. Blizzard successfully priced me out – I can’t justify the purchase anymore.

  14. As always, the US is “most people”, shows again their attitude…

  15. A moment of silence for those who crafted Lakkari Sacrifice.

  16. ‘casually skips over Don’Hancho cuz its so shit’

  17. they should have given use the quessts for free

  18. Exactly Kibler, I crafted priest quest and regret it. I barely play it.

  19. Yup. Pretty much summed up why I stopped playing.

  20. games to expensive. get much more value on proper AAA games.

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