BOGLINWATCH: Unpacking The New 2021 Boglins! (Heaving Toy Chest)

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Welcome back to the Heaving Toy Chest, folks! Today we’re indulging in one my favorite topics… Boglins!

A range of “remastered” Boglins came in 2021 after a successful Kickstarter campaign, and we’re going to take them out their boxes and dramatically decrease their market value.

I love Boglins. So do you, even if you don’t know it yet.


  1. I didn’t know I’ve been waiting for this until just now

  2. Why they passed on the tagline “Better than sex” for Boglins back in the day is a pervasive mystery for all time.

  3. Windows 10 pops up a “heaving toy chest” notification, and I’m there.

  4. Now this is the content I subscribed for.

  5. I’ve been driving past a sign to Bogindollo and Memus on average once a week for four years now and every time I see it, I think “let’s photograph the Boglin Doll Memes sign and send to James Stephanie Sterling”, and every time I don’t have time because I’m critically late already

  6. We’re getting spoiled with another heaving toy chest so soon? Did we do a good, Steph, to deserve this? ☺

  7. “You can still smell the meat-blood…”
    -James Stephanie Sterling, 2021.

  8. “That’s quite tactilely satisfying”
    *Boglin-making music*

  9. Few things in this world make me happier than Stephanie fangirling over boglins.

  10. The only time besides this that I’ve ever seen a Boglin is when they were used as the ship parasites in The Fifth Element.

  11. I love how James Stephanie thinks they need to inform us what a Boglin is like everyone who’s here isn’t already screaming uncontrolably while wearing their homemade “1# Boglin Babe” shirt.

  12. I’m glad this exists. Boglins are very important in the Jim Sterling lore.

  13. You look great JStephanie, You’ve lost weight and your skin glows friend. Hope you read this. Stay proud!

  14. Toy collectors: “No! You’re ruining the value!”
    Boglin fans: “Free them!”

  15. Smokescale Aquatos

    These videos are far more entertaining than I expected. A) love your accent B) love your sense of humor C) love seeing you get excited about inconsequential stuff that you just… love.

  16. I personally just enjoy seeing/hearing Jim Stephanie Sterling being enthusiastic about something, again. The World of Video Games has been extra cruel to them, too much, lately.

  17. Oh, Steph, its been a long and particularly stressful day of life and seeing this in my sub tab put a smile on my face. Thanks.

  18. If this just became a toy review channel, I’d be more than fine with that. This is your best content since Commentocracy.

  19. This is the only crate containing loot that I will ever accept.

  20. I enjoyed every minute of this. Nothing like a heaving toy chest of Boglins to brighten up your day.

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