Bob’s Fridge

Bob’s Fridge. The Man. The Myth. The Fridge. Get ready for the story to all stories animated in glorious fashion just for you!
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  1. BIG THANKS to the ANIMATORS!! Give them lots of love as they absolutely deserve it. Links in the description!

  2. This is great. If I didn’t think I would take ridiculous work and a full time animator id say you should do the podcast like this. Its completely unreasonable. But could you just imagine. Lol

  3. Sebastian Michaelis

    *mmm f r i d g e*

  4. Why is delivery man Mark so short.

  5. Normally I’m on an employee’s side when it comes to difficult situations, because usually it’s an unreasonable customer making demands that’s to blame. But every now and then you just run into the most incompetent workers imaginable and you really have to wonder how they got or manage to even keep their jobs.

  6. David 845Gaming


  7. To anyone who hasn’t listened to the episode, they somehow became even more incompetent where its like a comedy movie being filmed. Check it out on Distractable as its a great laugh.

  8. TAP On My Pic!! MY L1VE V1DE0. IN 2 MIN

    The legendary story that we still don’t know if his fridge is good or not.

  9. I love how smol mark is.

  10. The Honored Cur

    Poor Bob, I do hope he got his money back or something because it sounds like these guys were really bad at their job and might’ve caused damages that hopefully they paid for.

  11. Poor Bob. I hope the fridge was worth all the bs. 🙂

  12. I listened to this episode today with my Mom, literally what are the chances of an animation being released omg

  13. Bob’s tale about his fridge is funny as hell! My favourite episode from the Distractible Podcast.

  14. Oh my God that is so unfortunate but soo funny at the same time.

  15. 4:27 “he handed me the pipe and im like this doesn’t seem like how you install a fridge”

    Perhaps Bob was given the pipe to use it as mini fridge and put things just in the pipe, what a great animation💖💖💖

  16. nicquiara Aiken


  17. christian buckles

    I swear the three of you have the weirdest and funniest stories 😂

  18. Who disliked this?
    There’s roughly 90 dislikes

  19. This is only par 2 of a 3 chapter (of just that day) Saga!
    The entire story is so hilarious XD
    I really hope Bob’s problem with the fridge are over

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