Bobby Kotick Is An Abusive Monster (The Jimquisition)

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The CEO of Activision Blizzard has been outed as a truly vile creep. Yes, somehow more so than before. Oh dear.


  1. The fact they’re trying so hard to keep Bobby from being prosecuted is absolutely horrific.

  2. A woman died under his watch. Another was assaulted. Even from a PR standpoint, his board should want him gone.

  3. “We have no plans to stop feeding our employees to the lions, but it’s okay because we’ll start hiring enbies to feed to the lions!”

  4. One of these days, Jim-Steph, you’ll be able to go back to the things you want to do. Until then, however, it’s great to see you determined to keep this stuff in the public awareness. You’re using your platform for good.

  5. The absurd amount of time it took, only shows how detached from actual gaming shareholders & entertainment businessmen actually are.

  6. “No tolerance policy”

    (Bobby Kotick accused of sexual assault)

    “One tolerance policy”

  7. This is the first time (I noticed at least) that the video did not end with a “thank God for me.”

    Thank God for the brave voices who spoke up about the horrible company they work for.

  8. “Don’t think I’ve got anything more to say… this week” then allow me: Thank God for Stephanie

  9. Never complain to Jim that they’re talking about abuse in the VG industry too much. That’s tantamount to shooting the messenger.

    If you want Jim to talk about aspects other than the gross abuse, negligence, and judicial miscarriages, then stand behind Jim. Push the message. This is far more important than the GTA remastered being a steaming pile of code or how NFTs are a scam that even game devs like BHVR are falling for.. It will forever be more important than things like these.
    And we need to only stop talking about it when it stops being perpetuated. Harsh, focused light is an effective disinfectant.

    If you want Jim to shut up and go back to talking about things like before, then you’re part of the problem. Because that’s asking for the problems to go back under the rug.

  10. Everyone is exhausted by all of this blatant evil, but all this reporting needs to be done to raise awareness and avoid “the great forgettening” that the corpos wish for. Thank you Jim.

  11. It’s always lawsuits and settlements, we need something that will make these executives afraid to carry on enabling this abuse, something riskier than loosing money to those who are the least reason to fear loosing it. I think even a few months in prison (though it should be years) would be more effective than any hundred million dollar lawsuit, some form of punishment that doesn’t attack their wallets.

  12. The day Sterling stops talking about abuse in the games industry is a day I’ll be really happy, ONLY because it means real change has happened to stop the abuse and I trust Sterling’s judgement on that.

  13. “CEO’s get payed so much because they do the most work for the company!”

    Yeah, apparently they spend a whole lot of time in the day getting paid for coverups and abuse. Seems fair.

  14. Frédérique Gervais

    Activision: We’re implementing a zero tolerance policy
    Journalists: Bobby Kotick harassed people
    Activision: No, not that kind of zero tolerance policy

  15. Abusers will always remain in charge as long as the current system of capitalism continues to be the bloodsport that it is.
    As long as the value of money and entertainment outweighs the value of the human lives that are sacrificed to get it, then there will always be another Bobby Kotick who’s willing to sacrifice them.

  16. You know it’s especially bad when Jim didn’t say their sign-off catchphrase.

  17. Some people need to be honest: They don’t just want JSS to stop talking about the abuse; they want the _people who are being abused_ to shut up about it. “I just want my toys and I don’t care who gets hurt making them.”

  18. Remember when they said “Well he wasn’t aware of the abuse” and we responded by pointing out that has to mean one of two things: Either he’s lying and complicit, or telling the truth and therefore incompetent. And either way means he shouldn’t be in control a fucking houseplant, much less a company, and especially not PAID to do so that badly.

    Oh look it was one of those two just like we all said it was.

  19. As someone who works in this industry: Please don’t stop talking about it. The only way things change is if people keep talking about it and hold those companies responsible. I haven’t played any of their games in years and as much as it pains me I am not going to give money to those people again. Please don’t stop talking about it. We owe it to the people who died. To the people who got traumatised. To the people who still work there and are afraid.

  20. “It’s depressing”
    Sorry my abuse is inconvenient for you. – The Abused

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