BLUBBER BUSTERS – Whale Retention

Here’s the :


  1. It’s not about Jim cumming? *disappointedly watches*

  2. if this video gets pulled down i will start questioning jim sterling if he
    deletes videos because i comment on them.

  3. Looks cool, they have my vote!

  4. Weclome to Goodlight Greenstuff yith wour host Stim Jerling. Boglins are

  5. Glad to see space whales get a good quantity of iron in their diet.

  6. Jim Sterling’s magnificent blowhole

  7. should make a poll Goodlight Greenstuff or not, epic name if you ask me
    Thank god for Jim

  8. I look forward to the day that a game called Goodlight Greenstuff appears
    on the Steam homepage.

  9. This game has some real nice 2D animation.
    I have so much respect for devs who go for a well animated 2D art style.
    It’s like playing a cartoon.

  10. Im gonna go vote for this on greenlight now

  11. Great pick once again, Jim. Especially after this whole Steam review
    tohuwabohu, good indie games can use guys like you that point them out from
    the sludge that surrounds them. Love it!

  12. It looks like a one in a million platform game! What are the unique selling
    points? You just walk around and burn stuff? :(

  13. This made me cry like an anime whale on prom night.

  14. There is a drink called Bladder Buster.

  15. Hi Jim, I don’t hate it! I’m just apathetic towards it!

  16. I’m pretty sure Yahtzee doesn’t like these “RPG elements”

  17. How many people are working on this game? 10, 20, 100?

  18. Totally reminds me of Awesomenauts.

  19. Upgrading isn’t always good. It is all about how it is integrated. All
    about the game design as usual. Super Bunnyhops video on boring upgrade
    systems is a good reference if you are looking for examples.
    Oh well, seems like a good game. Like the idea of space-whale-doctors.

  20. ‘Arsehole aliens’. Will this do?

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