BLOODY BOOBS – The Loneliest Number

Half-naked cynicism.


  1. TheMadBradProductions

    Dicks out for Jim Sterling

  2. Jim, you’re my favorite fat man and you’re not even that fat.

  3. Hey Jim, I found a game on steam that unlocks in 2 hours from now that you
    might wanna check out, I dunno if you have done it on your channel before,
    but I think its worth checking (As in a terrible game on steam, not a good
    game worth playing, based on donald trump, and yes, on steam, not

  4. Forgive us Lord, for we have forsaken you.

  5. Greenlight never changes…

  6. Fap



  7. Tony “Grefix” David

    2:35 “it’s not trying to dress it up”
    I see what you did there…

  8. isn’t putting music that could get the video claimed how not to do a
    capitalism tho?

  9. Bloody hell…

  10. This looks like it stole assets from Oblivion. I can’t put my finger on it,
    it just looks like 90% of the dungeons.

  11. This reminds me, whatever happened to that other game with the semi-naked
    woman fighting big-dicked demons? “Realm of the Flesh” I think it was
    called. Was it ever greenlit?

  12. To be fair there was another game by this developer called Bloody Wang but
    they got a copyright strike from Devolver Digital.

  13. Big boobs and no hips is simply wrong

  14. Was expecting the description to just be: *”She is naked. There are

  15. No comment about the penis pillar?

  16. This would have been way better if the guys at BMC Studio made this with
    their signature live action moments

  17. This trailer officially turned me into a full blown 3rd wave feminist.
    I hate greenlight.

  18. Some of the assets look like they are taken from oblivion , but I could be
    wrong. (mostly the pillers)

  19. Clickbait isn’t capitalism! :P

  20. 3:13 …Don’t give ’em any ideas, Jim.

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