This is truly better than nothing.

Oh, and I’m sorry I forgot about backdashing.


  1. But there are two weapon slots. Why not boots AND sword?


  3. RetroThe GameBro

    These devs could teach Inafune and his team a thing or two. If Yooka –
    Laylee is this good I fear the Kickstarter game standard is going to
    skyrocket. And I consider that a 100% positive result.

  4. I personally don’t like the 3D aesthetics
    But otherwise, seems solid.

  5. this game looks very fun. the music is on point.

  6. Looks awesome, can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  7. You worked a phone job? My condolences…

  8. This is much more like it. It looks like Igarashi actually knows what he’s

  9. Make the bad guys cry like an anime fan on prom night

  10. It’s beautiful. Koji now has another backer.

  11. I usually don’t play Metroidvania games but I will probably pick this one
    up. I like how the game is colorful but somehow dark at the same time^^

  12. I loved “Portraits of Despair”, so i’m going to love this.

  13. Keep up the spiffy work Jim. Love your vids. This game is looking great
    too. Last time I played a Castlevania, it was on the original phat Nintendo
    DS. When’s this one due out? I guess I’ll Google about.

  14. Hi Jim.

    I backed this one too. It looks promising indeed. I love Symphony of the
    Night and this is looks to be a worthy successor.

  15. I’ve only played two Castlevanias, so perhaps I’m being impressed by
    something that has been a staple for a long time, but I’ve never before
    seen a Igavania-game taking place on board a ship. That was enough to
    impress me, and it shows that they can still innovate in some ways by being
    cut off from the Castlevania-franchise.

    Assuming it isn’t a staple.

  16. thelaughingrouge

    I’m triggered! Why didn’t you waste time getting coins in a demo that you
    couldn’t use them in?!

  17. Really love the way the game is made! Especially since I played Castlevania
    games before. My favorites being the DS ones. Hey Jim, what games did you
    loved though?

  18. Looks great!

  19. Oh yes this looks good. Definitely picking this one up.

  20. the localisation could probably do with some work but it looks amazingly

  21. woohoo! i was the 2000 liked :D

  22. This game looks great.

  23. The armor guy dropped a pretty powerful spell, shame you didn’t get it,
    probably would have appreciated it.

  24. I’m actually excited about this game now. It looks great.

  25. Kevin O Sullivan

    This looks very nice. I’m gonna have to give this a try when it comes out.
    Hopefully the full game turns out well.

  26. Hello! Sorry to ask but could you tell me which program you use to record
    since you are not using Shadowplay?
    I used to work with OBS but lost the profile and now I’m using Shadowplay
    and still doesn’t convince me. Thanks!

  27. This looks better than Mighty No. 9.

  28. Shadowplay footage will stutter in some hard drive intensive games. You
    need to go to the shadowplay settings and move its recording cache to a
    second hard drive.

  29. the music is so out of place it’s ruining my enjoyment of the video

  30. This already looks more fun than being an anime fan on prom night.

  31. Socialist Skeptic

    Ritual of the Night! Ahhhhh Haaaaaa! As a SOTN fan I really appreciate
    that, as well as all the similarities. Even the monsters are similar.

  32. Christopher Blair

    The difference between this and Mighty No. 9 is Igarashi was legitimately
    the creative force behind the Castlevania games he worked on where as
    Inafune was just sort of, “the guy that was always there,” in regards to
    Mega Man.

    Playing this demo I got the sense of, “This might be pretty fun.” Playing
    Mighty No. 9’s demo all I felt was, “Oh God what a lazy mess.”

  33. excellent

  34. So… was the legendary Symphony of the Night really that easy? I mean, I
    get that it’s a demo of an early area and all, but it just looks pitiful
    when those well-animated monsters just crawl/slither up to be dispatched
    immediately without doing anything fun or dangerous once. The boss was
    better, but still a little sedate.

    So, yeah, not interested in it so far . I guess the fans will get what they
    want, but for 5 millions, everything besides the graphics (which are still
    no Unravel, obviously) looks pretty mediocre. If the game had fewer trash
    fights and more monster “lieutenants” (say, the squids that could quickly
    slide across the deck & Amies that could pulse shockwaves around
    themselves) to spice things up, it would’ve been different.

    Also, it seems like the equipment changes are not reflected on either your
    character model or the artwork in the menu. I feel sorry for ever
    criticizing RPGMaker games for this, now that a 5 million game in 2016
    allows itself the same thing.

  35. Fantastic. I’m glad I backed this. Thanks Jim!

  36. I want this game so badly and I’m not even 5 minutes into your video.

  37. this. I like this. wish I could have backed this.
    Can’t wait to make the prom fans cry on anime night.

  38. Well that was reassuring!

  39. My last display name was too long

    So you kill giant sperm till you’re penetrated and learn how to shoot fluid?

    Sounds legit.

  40. This would look beautiful if Ori and the Blind forest didnt exist. XD

  41. XxSweGmesteRxX 133769420

    ORDER OF ECCLESIA 2!!!! 😀 😀 :D

  42. At least the armored chain wielding guys aren’t ridiculously over powered
    compared to ever other enemy you encounter early in the game for once.

  43. This reminds me more of dark souls than castlevania.

  44. Castlevania: Symphony of the Anime Fan on Prom Night.

  45. My shadowplay worked fine for a while then started cutting my videos short
    without me telling it to…. so what I mean is fuck shadowplay!

  46. Symphony of the Night is one of my favorite games, so I’m extremely excited
    for this.

  47. Ramon Figueiredo

    I love how the Con Booster ability popped up just as Jim was talking about

  48. mawk stereophonic

    WHAT A

  49. Judging by the demo this is looking to be exactly what the fans were
    looking for. I am very happy I supported the Kickstarter campaign and last
    but not least…F#@k Konami.

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