Blizzard Chose Tyranny (The Jimquisition)

Activision Blizzard has been mired in controversy since it punished professional Hearthstone player Blitzchung for his vocal support of Hong Kong. Seen as a move made to placate China, the decision to suspend and withhold money from Blitzchung was torn apart by critics.

As Hong Kong protesters fight for their continued autonomy from China, and as corporations across America cuddle up to an authoritarian Beijing government for money, Blizzard claims its actions had nothing to do with its own political relationships.

This is wrong. Even if Blizzard believes its decision was purely apolitical, it wasn’t. Regardless of reason, the message is clear and the context is obvious. Blizzard chose tyranny, plain and simple.


  1. Almost thought Jim was about to miss a Monday…

  2. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    *Blizzard chose tyranny*

    After reading that title, I knew this video was going to be a treat.

  3. Deep in the hundred acre wood, where Christopher Robin plaaays~

  4. This video was reuploaded to replace an image. My art director – who does a fantastic job – made an oopsie by using a photo of Japan in one moment while we were discussing China. While most people would accept that as an honest mistake, I always feel bad leaving even small errors in videos, and in this case the subject matter is controversial enough that I want to make sure we come correct and don’t look like we’re trying to be untoward. It’ll have cost us views, but I’d rather have the video be as perfect as possible than leave it up to keep the viewcount.

    Sorry for the earlier inconvenience, please enjoy!

  5. I love how everyone is saying Blizzard is “bending the knee”. I know the expression existed before but I will always relate it to the Nighthold raid in WoW:Legion. Whenever Gul’dan killed a player he would say “You should have bent the knee!”. Blizzard seen as Gul’Dan fills me with joy.

  6. “Hello, I like money”

  7. Blizzard would take away Anne Frank’s Hearthstone winnings if it meant protecting their profit margins in Nazi Germany.

  8. “Every voice matters, unless that voice tarnish the honor of China, then its off with your head and out with your liver!”

    -Bobby Kotick, probably

  9. Man 2019 is the year for game companies to prove their literally the worst

  10. Btw who wouldn’t want to be compared to Winnie the poo? He’s nice, he’s polite, he’s cuddly and he’s a meme god

  11. “Even if you choose not to choose, you still have made a choice!”

  12. _Asked my Chinese friend what it’s like living in China._
    _He said he can’t complain._

  13. Interesting tidbit. My Uncle did the costuming for the “North Korean” soldiers on the Red Dawn remake. They shot the entire movie as the Chinese as the invading army. To get into the Chinese market, they went frame by frame digitally changing all the Chinese references to Korean. But despite the little flags being changed, military uniform experts would know they’re distinctly Chinese.

  14. Of course Blizzard wouldn’t suspend someone for yelling “Trans rights”. They can cynically exploit the pride stuff for cash. But The Hong Kong stuff could cut off a revenue stream and he’ll no to that.

  15. “Companies are terrified of making statements without realizing that terror is, itself, a statement.”

    Perfectly summarized.

  16. The story is damning enough without it, but I’m surprised Jim didn’t bring up the Weibo post where blizzard basically said to the Chinese audience the exact opposite message it tried to send to its NA one.

  17. 1999: Race to the top.

    2019: Race to the bottom.

  18. Jim Sterling says “Trans Rights”

    Also free Hong Kong revolution of our time

  19. There is an old russian proverb i really like, it went something like this:

    “In war, there are two camps. And in war, you must choose one of these camps. If you pick neither, then God help you”

    In this case, Blizzard and NBA tried to appeal to both camps and got neither in return.

  20. “Guys, seriously, this political decision we made wasn’t political at all”

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