Blastoise Gameplay – Pokken Tournament DX

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Blastoise gameplay was revealed at the Spring Fist tournament in Japan 3/17/18

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  1. Wow, Blastoise has longer arms and legs! Can’t when he comes out 😀

  2. That roster doesn’t look right. there’s 1 slot remaining so I believe we’ll get at least 1 more extra DLC

  3. Wow, Blastoise is a lot more agile than I thought.

  4. For me he doesn’t look right imo, he looks way too stiff. It feels wrong for me to look at him.

  5. i main suicune. if i buy DLC only to get access to these 2 new SUPPORT, is it worth it? i’m kinda interested in rayquaza x mimikyu support. i always use yveltal x latios support on my game

  6. I’m excited to play as Blastoise, although his limbs are strangely longer than usual.

  7. Someone feed blastoise she is so malnourished 🙁

  8. Ian Boogmans-Smutt

    Never would expect Blastoies, A giant turtle would be doing cartwheels like a gymnast.

  9. 1 Word for Blastoise…. Awful

  10. Who’s gonna be in that extra slot????

  11. This 3D model made Blastoise look … disgusting…really disgusting…

  12. Blastoise is trying his best, and that’s all that matter’s for me, ridiculous model or no ridiculous model, I’m excited for him.

  13. That burst attack is sick !

  14. Now I didn’t care much for Aegislash, but Blastoise looks SO FRICKEN COOL. Definitely maining him and getting back into this game!

  15. The Manzilla Show

    I gotta say, Longtoise is growing on me

  16. I dunno, Blastoise’s movement feels somehow out-of-place and kinda awkward compared to all of the other characters… He is still cool though.

  17. Okay, I can’t be in the minority that’s not bothered by Blastoise’s limbs. It’s not even that bad just slightly longer. What’s going on?

  18. EndQuarkConfinement

    It looks like a guy in a Blastoise suit.

  19. Blastoise looks stupid. Arms are too long and it jumps around everywhere. It’s supposed to be tanks, not athletic.

  20. I was wondering how blastoise would work, didnt think theyd make his arms and legs longer lmao

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