Blasphemous – Deliciously Macabre Misery (Jimpressions)

Blasphemous had my attention way back when it was a hopeful Kickstarter project nobody had heard of. Now it’s finally here, and it was worth the wait.

Challenging, beautiful, and exquisitely mournful, Blasphemous flavors its methodical pacing with a little influence from Dark Souls and Metroidvanias, while maintaining its own unique voice.

From gorgeous visuals to magnificent boss encounters and evocative themes of religion and punishment, Blasphemous is well worth checking out.

NOTE: Snagged an early copy of this one, and I also backed it way back when.


  1. I love these “musical” intros, always the most hilarious song choices.

  2. only the penitent man shall pass
    only the penitent man shall pass
    only the penitent man shall pass
    only the penitent man shall pass!!

  3. Spice girls on a Jim Sterling Video… A Great Man of Culture I see.

  4. well i picked the wrong thing to eat breakfast to

  5. “Your sword will be dull before the game is.” Don’t steal my original quotable quote, IGN!

  6. I’m really looking forward to playing this. I’d only heard about it recently, but the art style garnered my attention immediately. Like you mentioned it takes many stylistic choices from Spanish iconography in churches, and it also adds to the unsettling factor of the game with that oddly realistic, uncanny valley detail to the designs of the creatures and enemies.

  7. Good grief this game seems really dismal and bleak on top of the amount of viscera and morbidity to its design. Perfect!

  8. Wooooo! A spice girls Intro. The day has just got better.

  9. Love the review. Thank you for covering these less covered games ?

  10. Ori and the Hollow Cells of CastleBlasphemous: Super Souls and Sanctuary

  11. “The guy fills his helmet up with blood and pops it on his head, and *still* doesn’t feel like he’s good enough… I mean, I would say job done!” — Jim Sterling, 2019

  12. But Jim, you hate games! All your detractors say so, so it must be true!

  13. You say this was inspired by the Spanish Inquisition? I didn’t expect that…

  14. “Whips and chains and killer nuns” just sounds like a great time all around.

  15. “You’re not picking up Genghis Khan’s lungs ”
    7/10 needs more lungs

  16. Manuel Cordero Iniesta

    It sounds like you’d really like Seville during “Semana Santa”, the Holy Week. Wait to see the real life penitents ?

  17. Finally another game that uses pixel art as an artform and not as a shortcut.
    Gonna put this one right next to owlboy.

  18. Jim: “everyone is miserable , all of the time, forever”
    Me: purchased. ?

  19. “NOBODY expects a positive Jimquisition!!!”

    Anyway, I can say from experience that this game is especially great when paired with “River City Girls”.

  20. This may, straight up, be some of the best pixel-art I’ve ever seen.

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