Blaming Games For Mass Shootings Is A Disgusting Distraction (The Jimquisition)

In the wake of multiple mass shootings over a single weekend, politicians with vested interests in shifting the blame pulled their easiest, laziest trick – they blamed videogames.

Donald Trump accused games of glorifying violence in a way that encourages domestic terrorists to go out and commit mass murder. The game industry was rightly offended.

But it’s all stupid nonsense, and it’s designed to be stupid nonsense. The more we argue in circles about videogames, the less we talk about guns, or white nationalism, or whatever else might actually be causing the uniquely American problem of widespread mass murder.


  1. We can expect this to become a worldwide epidemic as soon as other countries get video games.

  2. Politicians are the fault of gun violence in this country.


  4. Clearly playing Stardew Valley makes me want to commit genocide

  5. I’ve been trying to perform a mass shooting since Duck Hunt on the NES, but only ever get a few feet from the console.

  6. Mass shooting occurs
    Person 1: “Hey maybe we should make it tougher to buy a gun”
    Person 2: “Hey let’s make it tougher to buy videogames”
    ( ._.)

  7. To quote Max Planck, “A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.”

    As of this video’s release, Trump is 73.

  8. Gamers rise up.

    No not like that.


  9. I play Persona 5. I steal the “hearts” of corrupted rich folks, ceo’s, and polticians and force them to repent and change their corrupt ways.


  10. Here is an sad but very true quote my Dad told me (He has worked in the Tech industry for 30 plus years):

    “These greedy rich and powerful people are killing the future so they can be rich today.”

    His point was that many of these rich people don’t care about what will happen in the future, what will come from the relations of govenments and different social groups, what will happen when climate change ends up chewing us up, what will happen when fossil fuels finally run out and we don’t have the proper infrastructure of renewable energy to survive the on coming collapse. They don’t care because they don’t need to, since they will be dead before it becomes their problem or they have so much money they can invest it so that they and all their friends can survive in a luxurious fallout shelters.

    The optimist would say that people will band and work together to combat the on coming storm, the pessimist would say that the majority of people are too stupied to band together behind the right leader.

    Jim’s videos only cover these world issues when they revolve around video games, I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, pick a topic and stick to it best you can that is how you generate a relateable audience. What I am saying is that he only covers a piece of the issue and it is so much bigger than what he covers.

    The world might not die, heck it might not even be dying, but the current state of the world is by no means healthy. It’s sick….

    What happened to the ideology where people are always trying to make a better world, or was that just a fantasy that I had growing up as a naive child. I may be logically helpless is actually trying to live by or at least next to this ideology, but I will die before I let go of my optimism, it’s what makes the world a better place. Without it we’d all still be living in the dark ages or as cave men.

    (man, I dragged this comment into a massive rant lol)

  11. Hey Jesus said “If someone slaps you on the cheek, blame the minorities and shoot up a walmart”

  12. “Violence in video games are responsible for the mass shootings”

    “Alright, but what’s really going on here?”

  13. “Thank Me for Jim Sterling” –God

  14. I recall seeing a facebook post about a post on one of the chan boards about shootings…
    It said something about people feeling that the political system failing them are drawn towards more violent means as they feel that they have no other recourse in the political system.

    It was an interesting read.

  15. Here we go again
    70% of all mass shooters played video games
    100% ate bread
    So the only logical conclusion is to ban(or at least regulate) bread…

  16. Hitler was the first to score a mega kill in Quake III

    Coincidence? I think the hell not

  17. Call of Duty = bad
    Actual US Military personnel = very very good! Get some tanks in the streets for the 4th of July! Let’s get a military parade going!

  18. “There’s nothing we can do to stop this” says the only nation where this regularly happens.

  19. “I played Grand Theft Auto the other day, and I was suddenly filled with the urge to slaughter millions. Damn them vidya gaemz.” – Atillia the Hun

  20. Huh. Isn’t it suspicious that Rocket League removed lootboxes at the same time it was announced that game companies have to show odds?

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