Blake Shelton – Friends | From The Angry Birds Movie (Official Video)

Blake Shelton’s official for “Friends” from The Movie
Pre-Order the official Movie Soundtrack here –



  2. beautybyinspiration

    Really like this song and angry birds just made it more entertaining :p

  3. why is this video cute to me?

  4. So this song will most likely appear in the movie.

  5. There was a moment that I thought Blake looked like that red angrybird.

  6. Official Sheepman500

    You rock, Blake!

  7. NICE! #Venezuela

  8. can’t wait for the movie! 🙂 also very very excited for the new album!!!

  9. Lugia151 Lugia151


  10. For Everyone Now


  11. I love this song!! and the lovely video!! Blake is the best

  12. first I thought this was part of a sound track then I realized this is
    probably what you see every weekend after a few puffs and a few sips.

  13. Anna Fowdy (Lady Lisa)

    I know that the birds and pigs don’t actually become friends, but this is a
    great song, nevertheless.

  14. really good song like it love blake


    Cant wait for his album in May ?

  16. nice song blake

  17. ❤

  18. I like it!! It makes me SMILE!!!!

  19. I love it very much.

  20. Next single please

  21. Dakota Von Rissen

    Good job Blake !!!!

  22. ‫מלכה יונגבלוד‬‎

    beautiful i love it.

  23. Christina Pedersen

    This is so good :D

  24. Love Blake Shelton’s music, this song is awesome. My granddaughter loves it
    as well and she isn’t into the Angry Birds or Blake but loves music and now
    loves Blake and has the words down pat…she’s only 6!! Love my girl.. 

  25. Love it, great song!

  26. I really like this song ✌️

  27. Good song and great video. Very different and very cute. Lots of smiles
    from me.

  28. Damn that’s a catchy beat ( ◠‿◠)

  29. I love the song and can’t wait to see the movie.

  30. song about adam…. ??

  31. great song Blake.

  32. best singer going

  33. YeeHaw That was awesome
    full of BS?TY??

  34. Amazing song!

  35. great song… nice job blake shelton…

  36. go blake shelton i love your song from sasha garbert

  37. Adorable video and amazing song!

  38. CountryGirl73488

    I Love this song, It has a good message about Friendship

  39. This is awesome! Can’t waite to see the movie!

  40. PARABÉNS !!

  41. quiero cerveza

  42. great song Blake ! ?

  43. Love This !!!!

  44. Sergey “Cheshirsky” Yakovlevich

    Спасибо, Blake Shelton! Нравится мне Ваше творчество, а эта песня и видео
    замечательные, улыбку вызывают и настроение подымают:)

  45. didn’t expect this, but I actually love it ya did good Blake

  46. Lady_irOn85. Com

    I was only notified juz now.. been waiting for this. soo beautiful.. love u

  47. Abonné vous a ma chaîne et promis je vais m abonné à la chaîne qui c abonné

  48. Therese Catalano

    This is a toe tapper! I think you got a hit there Mr Shelton!

  49. love it great job

  50. shadow10_YT -Aventura-Guerra y MAS

    great song

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