Blair Witch – Yes, You Can Pet The Dog (Jimpressions)

A ludicrous number of games appeared over a handful of days. By far the most anticipated for me was Blair Witch, being that I’m quite the fan of found footage movies and have a lot of fondness for The Blair Witch Project.

I gotta say, it turned out rather well. Not quite the creepfest I was hoping for, it’s nonetheless inventive and atmospheric, and feels like it fits within the Blair Witch world without treading overly familiar ground.


  1. Any game that has a dog as a prominent mechanic in the game play and DOES NOT LET YOU PET THE DOG deserves to never be purchased.

  2. Man I really like Jim’s reviews. I don’t always share his perspective but I really do value it. Jim would probably be a cool dude to chill with.

  3. I see what you mean, the creature on the camcorder screen resembles Bullwinkle J. Moose more than anything.

    …ah, it’s a tree

  4. I mean obviously the dog is gonna turn on you at the end after you sufficiently love it.

  5. I’m just impressed that the flashlight can stay on indefinitely w/o some stupid timer making you put it away every 10 seconds to “recharge”.

  6. Honestly I was hoping of actually having to sleep through out the night and hear the noises and the game progressively getting harder and scarier. So putting a day and night cycle and stress meter etc. just like the movie in how every night got progressively worse it would of been great I feel like they missed out on many opportunities

  7. Horror game, pet mechanic. Makes me miss Haunting Ground and want a Haunting Ground remaster even more.

  8. Personally I didn’t like it. The monsters weren’t scary for the most part and the way you fight them off is unique but clunky and ultimately boring after doing it for a while, the camera is a really good idea and at first is pretty impressive but after a while, to me at least, came off gimicky. The story is pretty decent though, the visuals are pretty good and theres some decent puzzles

  9. Found Footage Horror films are my favourite genre of horror. Good or bad, I binge on them all the time. Cant wait to play this

  10. Unpopular opinion time – the best found footage film i have ever seen is cannibal holocaust. I know it has some issues (its illegal in most countries, the use of real life natives as natives, the murdering of a turtle etc). But i honestly felt that the real savages in the film were actually westerners – not the cannibals – and that is ultimately why the film was banned – because the idea that westerners were savages when stood up against cannibals didnt sit well with some. Particularly many in the vatican. Anyway, thats me done.

  11. I could listen to Jim say
    B L O O B E R
    all day.

  12. At least you can run this game on Xbox. Can’t run on PC worth a damn. Have a 2080 and I can’t get above 45 frames.

  13. 04:14 “Be mindful of how you work with the dog”. You heard it here first folks: treat the dog badly and you’ll get the bad ending you deserve.

  14. Oh so its like light mechanic from alan wake

    Ah and even jim said so

  15. It’s actually good?
    Holy shit, didn’t expect that.

  16. Just Finished it wasn’t too bad not great, A bit short with a few original tricks (dog, camera), not very scary, overall an ok game.

  17. If you want a very good found footage movie watch Rec

  18. Oh, hey! It’s the Monkey Island font! Always fun to see=D

  19. Thanx for saying u didn’t care for Astral Chain! I got shouted down soooo hard on someones vid review saying it looked meh standard Jap slash fair.

  20. Jim, you need to get around to >Observer_ already – same studio’s attempt at a Cyberpunk psychological horror. Would be interested in seeing your opinion on it. Also Darkwood.

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