Blair Witch – Let’s Chat About Found Footage (OMGH)

Let’s take a look at the latest trailer for the upcoming Blair Witch game, and use it as an excuse to chat briefly about found footage movies!

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  1. Semilocon Germanball

    I like how people already disliked this video because they think that you only ever talk about things you don’t like. Instead of, you know, watching the thing to see what you actually think about it.

  2. PSA: make sure to turn up head bob and camera shake to 150% for authentic blair witch experience!

  3. I actually really like the idea of found footage, but a lot of them really… really suck. The best thing about the style is that as a person with a camera, they CAN’T see and hear everything that’s going on, and that fear of being ‘first person’ in a confusing situation is the tense part. Most film makers just treat it as a regular-shot movie, just with a handheld camera.
    Thanks for the movie recommendation btw. o.o That’s one I’ve never heard of.

  4. Jim, I personally would really enjoy hearing your thoughts on Saw and other movies you like. Anyone else?

    EDIT: Thanks for all the likes and comments. Anyone who’s into kinda rubbish horror should definitely check out Rob Zombie’s movies. The man is a much better musician than he is a filmmaker but his movies are somehow endlessly entertaining, especially the thousand corpses series. Captain Spaulding is a gem.

  5. Thinking of horror games. Let’s all take a minute of silence for Silent Hills
    🤫 😶 😶

  6. ‘Rogue movie critic’ would be a good title to add to your long list

  7. Okay Jim, let’s have that video essay on the saw series, but only because you sounded so absolutely devastated at the end of your chat.

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed As above so below. I think for me it was the whole being underground and in tight spaces aspect that really got me, made me realize just how claustrophobic i really am lol

  9. “Then get the rights to make a Grave Encounters game.”
    Yes please.

  10. Hey now, you can’t just tease us with a Saw essay and then not deliver.

  11. 1:10 can the player character learn sorcereries? Can’t really think of an explanation for the wall piercing flashlight otherwise.

  12. Urosh Uchiha Novakovic

    As Above, So Below was a good movie. Haven’t seen Final Prayer, I’ll add it to my list. Thanks Jim.

  13. Stefan Aguinaldo Soerensen

    “oh look a corpse, must be dead. I’m definitely safe to pass it without any complications.”
    Corpse: UGI DI BUGIDI BOOO!!!!

  14. Jim, as someone who has followed you since your Escapist days, I’d watch nearly anything you feel passionately critical about.

  15. YES! V/H/S was brilliant! The Borderlands was also pretty cool.

  16. Found Footage Movies: Troll Hunter FTW (original Norwegian version)

  17. If you want a true horror experience, make every game mechanic tied to lootboxes. Is the monster after you? I hope you have a run booster! Need your flashlight to work more than 60 seconds? We have battery boosters for that! But watch out…if you don’t loot enough lootboxes, the lootboxes will loot YOU!

  18. It’s Okay Jim. We know you want to start a film critique channel. We support it. I’m subscribed already

  19. I feel like Blair witch as a game should basically be Alien Isolation in the woods.

  20. We can all agree The Blair Witch 2: Book of secrets succeeded in one thing.

    There was a hot goth chick in it.

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